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Racing Report #3, September 9, 2008. Rev. 0. 

Prepared by Mike Hurlbert

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Race #24,  07/27/2008,  Washougal, WA., AMA MX and WMA MX Aprox. 1,000 entries, 20,000 spectators.

Race #25,  08/09/2008,  Olympian, WA WORS X Cross. Aprox. 100 endries, 1,000 spectators.

Race #26  08/10/2008,   Olympia, WA WORCS Off Road. Round 7. Aprox. 700 entries, 2,000 spectators.

Race #27  08/16/2008,  Guthrie, OK., Endurocross. Aprox. 300 entries, 4,000 spectators.

Race #28  08/31/2008,  Monticello, UT. WORCS Off Road Round 8. Aprox 800 entries, 2,000 spectators.

Race #29  09/06/2008,  Greece. ISDE Six Days. Aprox 800 entries, 5,000 spectators.

Maria Forsberg, Maxxis, PG Grafx, Hard Equipment, KTM 300 XCW & 250 XCF, finished 2nd in the Women’s ISDE 6 days and won a Gold Medal.

Maria also won her last WORCS race at Olympia, WA and qualified for the WMA Motocross National at Washougal, WA. At Washougal Maria had a bad practice

crash. She still managed a top 15 but that WMA MX podium is going to have to wait another year. Maria is currently 1st in WORCS Women Pro points.

Kyle Summers, Maxxis, PG Grafx, Hard Equipment KTM 450 XCF, finished 5th overall at the Monticello, UT., WORCS race.

Kyle qualified for the Washougal MX National and finished 24th. Kyle qualified for all 4 of the AMA Nationals he attended. His best AMA MX finish was 12th at the Colorado National MX. Kyle is currently 5th in WORCS Pro points. 

Daryl Ecklund, PG Grafx, Hard Equipment KTM 450 XC F, has been nailing down solid top 20’s. Daryl qualified for the Washougal MX National.

Daryl is 22nd in WORCS Pro points.

Bobby Prochnau, Maxxis, PG Grafx, Hard Equipment KTM 450 XCF and 300 XCW, continues to win every Off Road race entered in Canada.

Bobby finished 2nd in the first ever WORCS X Cross and finished 3rd, 2nd and 2nd in his qualifying events at the Oklahoma Endurocross.

Chris Bach, PG Grafx, Hard Equipment KTM 450 XCF, flew in from Indiana to run WORCS Pro-2 and finished 2nd in his first WORCS race.

Chris has signed with RPM Racing Team for 2009 to compete for the WORCS Pro-2 Championship.

Our affiliate Semi Pro and Amateur riders all on Maxxis tire, PG Grafx, FMF, KTM’s all had great rides. RPM Racing Team want’s to congratulate all of them for there great performances. Way to go Kylee Carlson, Dakota Carlson, Tanner Antila, Zach Antila, Nick Bailey, Brandon Gjernes, Justin Wallis, Gavin Lynam, Joey Lynam, Ted Colvin, Tony Allen, Marcus Allen, Josh Allen, Sydney Dickson and Lonnie Alexander.

Special thanks to all our team personnel that help.

Danco Motors get us up front and keep us running. Thank you Dan Batterby.

Thank you to all our great sponsors and supporters.

KTM. www.ktmusa.com

KTM Hard Equipment

WP Suspension

All KTM Dealers.

Maxxis Tires. www.maxxis.com

FMF. www.fmfracing.com

SIDI Boots. www.motonation.com

PG Grafx. www.ridepg.com

Rocky Mountain ATV-MC, Tusk, Primary Drive. www.rockymountainatvmc.com

Topar. www.toparracing.com

Acerbis. www.acerbis.com

Clarke Tanks. www.clarkemfg.com

Devol Engineering. www.devolracing.com

Evs. www.evs.com

Engine Ice. www.engineice.cc

Fastway – Pro Moto Billet. www.fastwayperformance.com

GPR Steering Dampeners. www.gprstablizer.com

Hawg Stands. www.teamhawgracing.com

Motion Pro. www.motionpro.com

MSR. www.msrracing.com

Rekluse. www.rekluse.com

Pro Clean 1000. www.proclean1000.com

Pro Taper. www.protaper.com

RB Components. www.rbcomponents.com

Ritchey Racer. www.ritcheyracer.com

Scott Goggles. www.scottusa.com

Silkolene. www.silkoleneusa.com

Spyder Grips. www.spydergrips.com

T.M. Designworks. www.tmdesignworks.com

Zip Ty Racing. www.ziptyracing.com

Alexander Exhibits. www.alexanderexhibits.com

Earthworks NW. www.earthworksnortwest.com

Mountain Glass. www.mntglass.com

Northwest Chip and Grind. www.northwestchipandgrind.com

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