RPM Race Report #1



Race #1,  01/01/2008,  Washougal, WA., NMA Hangover Hare Scrambles. Aprox. 1,000 entries, 2,000 spectators.

Race #2,  01/20/2008,  Phoenix, AZ., WORCS Off Road round 1 Aprox. 1,000 entries, 3,000 spectators.


Rory Sullivan, KTM 450 XC F, finished 1st overall at Washougal. Rory’s FMF, Maxxis, Hard Equipment KTM ran flawless the entire race. Rory had a slow start but worked his way past the field to first place at about half way. Those Scott goggles really worked well keeping good vision going past traffic in the mud. The Fastway hand guards kept the mud off the Spyder Grips and hands, the SIDI boots stayed on the pegs and the MSR gear kept Rory warm and safe. Clarke tanks gave us enough fuel for the finish. Rory won this one last year also. Way to start the year Rory.


Kyle Summers, PG Grafx, Hard Equipment KTM 450 XC F, finished 3rd overall at the Phoenix, AZ., WORCS race. Kyle surprised all of us a bit for the first race as he is still healing up from a broken leg and foot from the end of last year. We knew his ability and we were sure he had the personality, drive and determination to win races and championships. Kyle’s ability combined with a strong team support, girlfriend Alli Carlson and his great team manager / mechanic in Scott Christensen along with great sponsors and bikes has this 18 year old in a good position once he gets fully healed.


Kyle got off to a top ten start thanks to his Maxxis tires and that little extra hit from FMF. Once out there it got super rough and his Bret Leaf tuned WP Suspension sucked up the whoops. We had bolted on some Topar guards to go with our slightly modified

Primary Drive

gearing and chain. That seemed to get Kyle through the Endurocross section without any problems. After a couple laps Kyle just kept clicking off consistent fast laps and at about half way had worked into 3rd place. We used good pit strategy and a well prepared KTM to stay consistent for the final hour to finish a very impressive 3rd place. Way to go Kyle.


Daryl Ecklund, PG Grafx, Hard Equipment KTM 450 XC F, finished 17th overall at the Phoenix, AZ., WORCS race.

Daryl got off to as high as 4th place on the first lap but severe arm pump took him out of contention for a podium finish. Whoa, did he ever show us his speed. This guy will finish podium and soon.


Maria Forsberg, PG Grafx, Hard Equipment KTM 250 XC F, finished 2nd in the Women’s Pro at Phoenix, WORCS race.

The Maxxis tires again were perfect for Maria and her Rekluse clutch made it a pretty uneventful race. Maria put her MSR helmet down and got the first podium for mechanic Scott Thornton.


We had a bunch of Semi Pro and Amateur riders all on Maxxis tire, PG Grafx, FMF, KTM’s and want to congratulate all of them for there great performances. Way to go Kylee Carson, Dakota Carlson, Tanner Antila, Zach Antila, Nick Bailey, Brandon Gjernes, Justin Wallis, Gavin Lynam, Joey Lynam, Ted Colvin and Lonnie Alexander.


This next weekend we go to Canada with Canadian PNWMA Champion Bobby Prochnau to put on an Endurocross type display ride at the Annual Canadian Motorcycle show.  


Thank you to all our great sponsors and supporters.


KTM. www.ktmusa.com

KTM Hard Equipment

WP Suspension

All KTM Dealers.


Maxxis Tires. www.maxxis.com

FMF. www.fmfracing.com

SIDI Boots. www.sidi.com

PG Grafx. www.ridepg.com

Rocky Mountain ATV-MC, Tusk,

Primary Drive

. www.rockymountainatvmc.com

Topar. www.toparracing.com


Acerbis. www.acerbis.com

Clarke Tanks. www.clarkemfg.com

Devol Engineering. www.devolracing.com

Evs. www.evs.com

Engine Ice. www.engineice.cc

Fastway – Pro Moto Billet. www.fastwayperformance.com

GPR Steering Dampeners. www.gprstablizer.com

Hawg Stands. www.teamhawgracing.com

Motion Pro. www.motionpro.com

MSR. www.msrracing.com

Rekluse. www.rekluse.com

Pro Clean 1000. www.proclean1000.com

Pro Taper. www.protaper.com

RB Components. www.rbcomponents.com

Ritchey Racer. www.ritcheyracer.com

Scott Goggles. www.scottusa.com

Silkolene. www.silkoleneusa.com

Spyder Grips. www.spydergrips.com

T.M. Designworks. www.tmdesignworks.com

Zip Ty Racing. www.ziptyracing.com


Alexander Exhibits. www.alexanderexhibits.com

Earthworks NW. www.earthworksnortwest.com

Mountain Glass. www.mntglass.com

Northwest Chip and Grind. www.northwestchipandgrind.com

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