Harrison MI

The National Enduro Series got back under way after a two month break (due to the cancellation of the fire stricken Colorado round), and many top riders were on hand to give it a try.

The Buzzards M/C put together a very tight and challenging course, consisting of eleven different test sections ranging from 3 to 8 miles in length. As the temperatures rose to the upper 80’s and the trails turned to dust, the riders got their money?s worth.

As the riders completed the first few sections, it was clear that Lafferty and Woodford were the two to beat, gaining a point a section on most of the competition. It would be the eighth section that would be the difference as Woodford just made a two as Lafferty slid into a three, giving Woodford a one point lead.

Lafferty still holds a commanding lead in the series standing with three rounds remaining.

Mikes next race: Rnd. #10 Gncc series in Millfield OH on 9/8/02

1) Chuck Woodford             KAW       43
2) Mike Lafferty                    KTM        44
3) Randy Hawkins              YAM        49
4) David Lykke                      YAM        49
5) Fred Hoess                            HUS        50
6) Robbie Jenks                      YAM        52
7) Michael Keen                      KTM        53
8) Scott Luca                             KTM        55
9) Steve Reed                             YAM        55
10) Tim Taber                            KTM        55


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