Round 1 WORCS story (in memory of Nathan Woods)

WORCS Round 1: Taft, California

January 29-30, 2011

Today I sat down to write my race story and just couldn’t bring myself to do it. As many of you know, we lost a champion this past week and #54 is prominently on everyone’s mind. So in lieu of my race story, I wanted to dedicate this race story to Nathan Woods and his family.  As many of you know, Nathan wasn’t just one of the best racers out there; he was also an amazing friend and teammate, as well as an awesome husband and father. I can’t think of him without thinking of the passion he had for the sport, the never-ending love he had for Amanda, Nate and Braxton and his sense of humor that was more than a match for all of us on Team USA. We had some great times and I will cherish all the great memories. We were all lucky to have him in our lives and he will forever be remembered in our hearts! Godspeed Nathan!

 Other Notes:

Saturday’s noon pro race was cancelled and turned into a memorial ride where all of us did a parade lap after we had a moment of silence and prayer. The most amazing part was Amanda rode on the back of Charles’s (one of his old mechanics) bike while one of Nathan’s sons (Braxton) rode with Kurt Caselli. It was really a tough moment to see. Everyone at the race showed up to the start to be part of this.
 I have to commend WORCS for everything they did during this tough time and I feel like they did the right thing. They also awarded Woody with the most points for the weekend. They retired #54 and I think that was a great tribute to Nathan and his family. He was the winningest Pro WORCS rider and we will all remember him as a great competitor and a huge ambassador to our sport!
 Here are some cool videos 

 God Bless,

Destry and family.

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