1. Pros stay centered over the bike for mass centralization, much like rodeo bull riders, only they keep their head over the tripleclamps. Notice how loosely Red Dog is hanging onto the bars, because he?s gripping the bike with his legs.

2. Tony Amaradio knows that you have to stand up and grip with your legs on a brutal track like Glen Helen, even in turns, to prevent arm pump. Notice how he has his head and bodyweight centered over the leaning machine.

3. Boots with replaceable soles are made for amateurs, as Pros ride on the balls of their feet, not insoles. This protects the toes and lets the ankles act as extra shock absorbers.

4. Be proactive when braking and gassing the throttle by setting up your body position beforehand. If you let G-forces move you out of position, you have to expend energy getting back to the sweet spot.

5. Matt Walker demonstrates proper weighting for turns; he?s weighting the outside with his left foot and cheek, and he?s lifting his inside leg to protect his foot. Also, he has ‘re-gripped’ the throttle so his arm doesn?t drop when he gasses it.

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