Ride Eng. KTM clamps have been designed with five goals in mind: 1) Dampening: to insulate the handlebars from vibration with Polyurethane Cones (included); 2) Flex: Not only are they made from 2024 Aluminum which is the same alloy the factory teams use but the whole area where the bottom clamp wraps around the forks has been designed to allow the forks to flex like stock for uncompromised suspension action; 3) Improve the handling by offering different offsets to suit the rider’s needs; 4) Place the pinch bolts in the front to allow for different aftermarket handguard mounts. 5) Keep the bar mounts from twisting in a crash by increasing the bar mount mounting span to 100mm and utilizing Ride Eng.’s one-piece anti twist bar mount design (bar mounts sold separately & required (KX-BBM00-CA)). 23mm Offset recommended for Enduro (EN); Motocross (MX); Grand National Cross Country (GNCC); World Off-road Championship Series (WORCS) & Desert Racing (DR). This offset increases stability over rough terrain, best use 2016-17 SX & 2016-17 XC models with 4CS or AER forks (small front axle) (stock offset is 22mm on these models). Usually compatible with aftermarket stabilizers, call the manufacturer to confirm.
Included in kit: Top clamp, Bottom clamp, Polyurethane Cones, Nuts, Washers, Pressed in stem and Lower bearing. best use: EN – AX – MX – SX – GNCC – WORCS – DR
Price: $599.90

Application: 2013-2017 KTM SX/SX-F/XC-F/XC all (except 65/85/105); 2012.5 Factory Edition & 2014 – 2017 EXC-F/XC-W

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