Ride Engineering 2013 KX250F & 450F Triple Clamps



Ride Engineering 2013 KX250F & 450F Triple Clamps are in stock now: msrp $479.95


Ride Engineering has newly designed triple clamps for the 2013 KXFs to accommodate the larger 48mm SSF fork and the re-designed front number plate. They are available in two offsets (20mm & 21.5mm) to improve handling based on the rider’s intended use and in three color choices. Ride has also upgraded the material of the upper clamp (2024AL) to match the lower clamp. This premium aerospace alloy has 25% more strength and 25% more flexibility than the 6061 aluminum used by most of our competitors (at a 25% higher cost).  This material allows us to keep our clamps looking sleek so they save weight (1/4 to 1/2lb) without sacrificing strength. It also allows them to flex with the front suspension providing a better ride. That’s why this same alloy is used by all the factory teams that make their own machined triple clamps.




Now in stock and available for:



FITS: 2013 KX250F & KX450F


P.N.: KX-TBK20-G3 (GREEN 21.5)

P.N.: KX-TBK20-03 (SILVER 21.5)

P.N.: KX-TBK20-B3 (BLACK 21.5)

P.N.: KX-TBK40-G3 (GREEN 20)

P.N.: KX-TBK40-03 (SILVER 20)

P.N.: KX-TBK40-B3 (BLACK 20)




(All Ride Eng. Triple Clamps come

with pressed in stem and lower bearing)




CONTACT INFO: www.ride-engineering.com or [email protected] 800 805 1516

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