On March 29,  Ricky Johnson announced on social media that he had Covid 19, Coronavirus.  At that point, he was already “on the backside,” as he put it. Since then, he’s made a number of  reports on how it affected him. Yesterday he reported that he was “10 days passed my quarantine and feeling great. If you get a chance and you have a motorcycle, go for a ride. It’s awesome for you.”

Rick provided a rundown of the stages he went through:

Rick Johnson’s Covid-19 / Coronavirus notes / March 2020

March 1 
NASCAR Fontana

March 2- 6 
Solo motorcycle ride from California to Daytona

March 7 
Daytona SX

March 9 
Flew home from Orlando via Minneapolis

March 9 – 11 Day 1-3 

  • Symptoms begin to appear. Very tired!
  • March 12-21 Day 4-13 
  • Symptoms included:
  • Bad headache
  • Slight fever
  • Cannot taste or smell
  • Red, watering eyes
  • Bad body aches
  • Moved from bed to recliner

March 22 Day 14 

  • Fever broke – aches began fading
  • Tight chest
  • Dry cough
  • My wife Steph on hold trying to get doctor appointment

March 23 Day 15
Doctor called back (after 5 days), appt. set

March 26 Day 18
I get tested for Covid-19

March 28 Day 20

  • Test came back positive
  • Doc says no need to test Steph
  • He recommends 14-day quarantine if she shows any symptoms
  • I remain under quarantine / showing no symptoms
  • Feeling better; not 100% because I sat on my ass for 20 days.

In an interview with Donn Maeda of Swapmotolive, Ricky said that he didn’t have any idea where he contracted the virus, but at Daytona he interacted with dozens of people. He suspected that his wife Steph might have actually had the virus first, She had all the symptoms before his Daytona trip and recovered. She hasn’t gotten sick again, so she might well have developed a resistance.

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