Ricky Brabec’s 2018 race strategy is an expression of his dedication and his goals. This year Ricky will be primarily focused on further developing his Rally racing skills while still racing select US events and producing media content for the North American Honda market with JCR/Honda.

“I will miss my NHHA family very much. They are an awesome group that I am grateful for and I look forward to my return. My team and I have crafted this strategy with some very specific goals in mind. I am proud of the accomplishments we have made so far but there is lots of work left to do. I want to bring a DAKAR Championship home to the USA and I’m willing to make the sacrifices necessary to accomplish that. I very much appreciate your support. It echoes in my mind every day and drives me to be my best.” — Ricky Brabec

“I am excited to see how much Ricky’s role as a racing Icon here in the USA has grown and I am expecting that to continue. Ricky is a special talent and this upcoming season is going to show that. We will be announcing details on Ricky’s complete international Rally racing schedule in the near future. The biggest rewards come from the biggest leaps of faith and we are backing Ricky 100% on this one.” — Johnny Campbell

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