Ricky Brabec soloed his HRC rally bike to the Pro motorcycle win at the 24th annual Best In The Desert Vegas to Reno this week. It was 514 miles, starting  in Amargosa Valley and ending in Dayton, Nevada this year, once again making it the longest point-to-point race in the U.S. Early in the race, Nic Garvin was in front, but Skyler Howes took over while Brabec worked his way up from a 10th place starting position. Physically, Howes was in front and Brabec was second when Howes went down. 

Nic Garvin was the first rider off the line.

“Just after pit 12, I tagged a rock while drifting through a corner and high sided,” reported Howes. “Next thing I knew, Ricky Brabec was there, he threw his bike down to come tend to me, he got me up and back on the bike and pointed in the right direction. From there I rode it in to pit 13 where the best call was to call it a day, just about 40 miles from the finish.” Brabec was able to get going again and keep the physical lead. Garvin also stopped to check on Howes, then he continued what he said was a race with “zero mistakes” all the way to a second place finish.

Skyler Howes was physically in the lead when he had a hard get-off.

 “I was happy to get away with the win on this big girl,” said Brabec. “Hard-fought race fighting dust for a lot of the day at high speeds while Skyler Howes kept me honest. “

When it was all over, Brabec finished with an adjusted time of 7 hours, 59 minutes. Garvin was 17 minutes back with Nic Colangeli only two minutes behind that. Howes was checked out afterward and came up without any major injuries. For full results go to BITD.com.

Nic Colangeli was third Pro Motorcycle.


1 Ricky Brabec HON 07:59:54.754 
2 Nic Garvin HON 08:17:10.587 
3 Nic Colangeli KTM 08:19:01.556 
4 Hayden Hintz KTM 08:20:17.110 
5 Joseph Wasson BETA 08:21:34.031 
6 Cole Canaster BETA 08:41:41.864 
7 Jaxon Bogh HON 08:45:37.898 
8 Taylor Stevens HSQ 08:49:48.793 
9 Jeff Trulove KTM 09:37:40.633 
10 Forrest Minchinton CA HON 11:54:43.856

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