Rescue Pegs are oversized footpegs that allow a passenger to place his feet outboard of the rider’s feet. These aren’t replacement footpegs, but rather add-ons that can be fixed to the original equipment of almost any modern dirt bike. Each side is over 6 inches long (inside to outside) and 3 inches wide (leading edge to trailing edge), about twice that of ordinary footpegs. They have teeth that are as aggressive as those of stock Honda footpegs. When secured properly, those teeth are the same height as those of the stock pegs, which still support most of the rider’s weight. The passenger’s feet rest entirely on the Rescue Pegs, which have two curved rows of inner teeth in addition to the perimeter. The product is fixed to the stock pegs, with one plate and two Nylock nuts on each side. They come in two different sizes: one for full-size bikes and another for minis and vintage bikes.

OUR TAKE: We have to admit that we are flagrant rule breakers. We often find ourselves forced to ride double on dirt bikes that have all kinds of warnings not to do so. Sometimes it’s for a photo shoot, sometimes it’s a genuine rescue. The best procedure usually is to have the passenger use the footpegs while the operator has his feet dangling. That’s only good for a short distance. With Rescue Pegs, the problem is completely gone. Both rider and passenger can ride for miles without discomfort. We were a little skeptical of riding solo with such monstrous footpegs, but we have found that they don’t interfere with the controls or operation at all. The only time you are aware of them is when they scrape on passing rocks and stumps. It hasn’t yet happened, but we can picture them getting damaged or knocked loose by a big-enough impact. On a recent dual-sport ride, our solution was to carry the Rescue Pegs in a tool belt. They bolt on so quickly, AND it’s no trouble to install them when they are needed. They fit in a tool pouch, but it does have to be a big one.

BOTTOM LINE: Rescue Pegs are a great idea. Even if we don’t have them on every dirt bike in the shop, they come with us on most rides. So far, they fit on every bike we have tried, including Hondas, KTMs and Husqvarnas. Rescue Pegs has a website with fitment tips for other bikes.
PRICE: $69.95
CONTACT:, (909) 730-8420

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