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Hi, I’m looking to get some updates on the latest way to uncork the 2019 RMX450Z off-road bike. What is the latest way, parts, mods, to unleash the beast?
You guys ran some tests and mods back in the day for the 2010 up to about 2017 model years, which is all I could find. Not sure if the electronics are still the same, or if there are better ways to do it who offers exhaust swaps; are we using the “Cherry Bomb” attachment, JD jetting or Power Commander for the map changes on fixing the lean fuel/air for swapping the exhaust, taking out the air box baffles? I just picked this up looking for up-to-date stuff.
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In my estimation there are several paths to negotiate, and all depend on your wallet or available balance on your Visa card.

• First, remove the throttle stop (the machine runs like a Taco 44 with it anyway).

•You can semi-uncork the stock muffler (leave the spark arrestor for those thinking California Red Sticker application) by removing the baffle. This helps let it breath, but you can’t go too far after this without modifying the fuel path. And, it’s pretty loud.

• Remove the air box inserts

The next phase requires additional help from the aftermarket.

• Update the exhaust system. Pro Circuit offers a very good unit (T-6 system with resonance chamber) that is lighter, flows superbly and is decently quiet.

• You will need at a minimum the JD Jetting tuner. This gives it additional fuel and is necessary with the airbox and exhaust mods.

• One step better is the Vortex ECU (Tokyo Mods). This ECU replaces the stocker, interfaces with the stock engine’s sensors and adjust fuel and spark timing for excellent power gains.

The other issues with the machine are a small fuel cell and a girthy gait. There is no Jenny Craig diet plan that won’t cost you big bucks to cleave off suet, but IMS offers a larger tank that will give your yellow stroker some additional trail mileage. The Yoshimura Cherry Bomb that was available for earlier RMX450s is not compatible with the 2019 model.

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