The Core manual clutch with Torq Drive is a new product from Rekluse that has been developed to energize the world of manual dirt bike clutches. To start off, the Torq Drive clutch system is not a centrifugal or automatic clutch. This clutch is a standard actuating clutch system designed to increase the performance of your machine. The HRC Martin Honda MXGP, NFAB AmPro Factory Yamaha, Cosworth Yamaha, and a number of Supercross, motocross and off-road race teams are using it. Performance has also been tested and verified by HRC Japan.
The Torq Drive clutch pack is comprised of 12 steel drive plates and 12 friction discs instead of the usual seven- and eight-plate pack. This is achieved using Rekluse’s thin-friction and thin-drive-plate technology, which is a 50-percent increase in clutch plates. These additional clutch plates allow the clutch system to provide a higher overall torque capacity (more clutch-plate grab and less slippage), and an increase in torque-capacity range from 15–40 percent depending on the bike model. This means that the clutch can transfer more power smoothly even under a heavy load.
To take it one step further, Rekluse provides two sets of pressure-plate springs—one set to reduce lever pull while maintaining OEM torque capacity and a second set to provide the 15–40-percent torque-capacity gain, but this does come with an increase in the clutch pull. The Torq Drive friction plates are constructed out of steel and designed to provide more durability with no clutch fade. Standard clutch plates are aluminum and expand with heat. Steel, by nature, does not expand like aluminum. The expansion of the aluminum friction plates in standard clutch systems is the primary cause of clutch fade. The design of the Torq Drive clutch pack allows the modulation to remain consistent under all demands. Clutch heat is reduced with the increased torque capacity, giving the clutch system greater durability. Rekluse estimates three times better clutch life for most riders.
With the Torq Drive clutch system, a rider will notice a very positive and smooth lever modulation. The clutch-lever modulation with the Core manual clutch with Torq Drive will improve the rider’s connection to the rear wheel. Riders will feel more power on the bottom end, as more torque is being transferred. This low-end enhancement leads to better starts, faster corner exit speeds and overall increased rider confidence. Our initial testing with a Honda CRF450 has riders saying that it gave the bike more power, and they love the out-of-the-hole acceleration. Look for a full test very soon. The full kit sells for $899, and includes pates, hub, pressure pate and cover. Contact

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