The Rekluse Core manual clutch for the 2013–’14 Kawasaki KX450 consists of a basket, inner hub, pressure plate, springs, steel drive plates and fiber plates. Their claim is that unlike other CNC-machined clutch systems, the Rekluse uses innovative, fluid, dynamic oil-flow technology; has a proprietary pressure-plate design; and comes with CNC laser-cut drive plates. The goal of the Rekluse Core manual system is to enhance durability and improve the feel and engagement out of the lever.
POSITIVE: Clutch action was predictable and smooth, and even under heavy usage it didn’t seem to fade dramatically. It featured a super-good feel at the lever. Installation was straightforward, and the cuts on the drive plates matched with the inner hub perfectly. After 26 hours of abuse, the clutch still worked just like it did at hour one. We experienced absolutely no notching of the clutch basket or inner hub.
NEGATIVE: We actually put this same (and well-used) Rekluse system in our newest KX450F, and as of yet haven’t found a performance negative. Drilling the gear off the back of a stock clutch basket is kind of a pain, but every clutch manufacturer makes you do it.
BOTTOM LINE: The clutch pictured was actually ran for a total of 26 hours, and 24 of those hours were ran straight at Glen Helen’s 24-Hour endurance race, only stopping for gas and minor maintenance. The team finished second in the Open Expert class and fourth overall. We are impressed and would recommend the Rekluse Core manual clutch to anyone. Priced at $519 for the entire kit, in the clutch world this is a deal! Take a look at the pictures for yourself; what do you think?

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