PRODUCT: RedMoto is an aftermarket company operated by the official Honda importer in Italy. They specialize in products to convert Honda’s competition bikes into more enduro-ready motorcycles. In Italy, you can buy them as finished bikes, but over here, the various products are sold on a piece-by-piece basis by Checkpoint Off-Road in Minnesota. One of those pieces is the RedMoto 2-gallon fuel tank. It already is available for the 2021/’22 CRF450R and RX, as well as the ’22 CRF250R and RX.

The RedMoto tanks uses R shrouds for the CRF450RX.


OUR TAKE: If any bike needs an aftermarket fuel tank, it’s the current Honda. The motocross versions (CRF250R and CRF450R) have tanks that are too small. The off-road versions (the RXs) have tanks that are too big. To be more accurate, the motocross tank is big enough for a national motocross at 1.6 gallons but not much more. The RX off-road tank holds 2.25 gallons, which isn’t really too large, but it’s bulky, awkward and ugly. The perimeter frame spars of the Honda’s aluminum frame have always been an issue for anyone designing a larger fuel tank. There’s nowhere to go but up, right into the rider’s lap. The people at RedMoto thought it out and decided that an even 2 gallons is the minimum for most off-road races and rides. That puts the range over 40 miles. Do you need to go farther than that? Most riders don’t, even though we all would like to have unlimited gas all the time.

If you have a motocross model, the best thing about the RedMoto tank is that it’s no more intrusive than the stocker. You only see a little more of the tank right above the shrouds, and it doesn’t interfere with rider movement at all. If you have an RX model, the tank is far less bulky. Visually, if nothing else, it’s a big improvement. In terms of quality, the tank is excellent. It fits well and uses the R shrouds for the RX. R owners should call for additional parts and info.

BOTTOM LINE: We love the RedMoto tank for our 2022 CRF450RX. Even though we don’t like the idea of reducing fuel range, we’ve found we rarely have a need for more mileage than the 2 gallons offer. For those occasions, we still have the stocker ready.

PRICE: $399



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