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The annual Redbull Rocks and logs Endurocross race happened in Alberta Canada over the past weekend. The track builders put together a very difficult course that mirrored the name; long rock sections and a horrendous looking woodpile were the staples of the event. To make matters worse Saturdays racing was cancelled due to heavy rainfall, making the track extra slippery on Sunday. Riders explained the event as more of an extreme race than an Endurocross. The Pro class had a three main event format that would tally all three races for an overall score.

In the pro class, Manual Lettenbichler flew all the way from Germany to contest the event. Fresh off a 3rd place finish at the Erzberg Rodeo extreme enduro a few weeks ago, he looked the most prepared for the conditions. The KTM Redbull rider won all three main events on his 300. Team SRT rider and also last years winner Kyle Redmond, drove up from Southern California and raced his SRT Husqvarna 350. Redmond had a good day finishing 2nd overall. Ty Tremaine showed off his new Alta electric bike for the first time and got them their first Pro podium for with a 3rd place finish. Kacy Martinez raced her first Redbull Rocks and Logs event ever and grabbed a big win one her KTM 250 EXC-F.

Manuel Lettenbichler looked at home on the technical track the Rocks and Logs track builders made.

1. Manuel Lettenbichler
2. Kyle Redmond
3. Ty Tremaine
4. Noah Keeple
5. Dustin Mccarthy

1. Kacy Martinez
2. Melissa Harten
3. Lexi Pechout

Rocks and logs
Kyle Redmond struggled a bit on the 350 and stated he wished he brought his 300 after it started raining.


rocks and logs
Ty Tremaine got Alta their first Pro podium with a 3rd place finish.

Rocks and Logs
Kacy Martinez crushed it her first time racing the event, she switched to the 4 stroke this year after using the 150 all last season. 

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