Red Bull Straight Rhythm : Fant Files

Red Bull Straight Rhythm again returned to the Pomona Fairplex in California for a half mile long supercross style track with some of the best riders in the sport going head to head. A great addition to this year’s event was the Ken Roczen 2 Stroke race.

As you walked into the pit area this was the first bike you saw. Ronnie Mac’s Honda CR250. RM was an absolute hit with the fans all day and possibly the most popular as people gathered around to see what he would do next.

Does this bike look familiar at all to you? Yup.. that’s defending Endurocross champion, Colton Haaker’s Husqvarna. Colton is a jack of all trades on a motorcycle. Enduro, moto, supercross…he dabbles in a little bit of everything when the time allows.

One of the most popular bikes on social media this week was Ryan Villopoto’s KX250. Pro Circuit dug this factory motor out of storage and dusted off the cob webs just for the event.

Ryan Morais retired in 2012 and now works at KTM full time. He decided last minute with Mike Sleeter to join the 2 stroke club and line up with his 2018 KTM 250SX. He explained beyond the suspension components, this bike was close to stock.

Unfortunately, Jordon Smith was side-lined after a small injury to his foot in early qualifying. Jordon made the appropriate decision to sit out the rest of the day and set his sights more on the 2018 Supercross season.

Broc Tickle signing autographs for his fans under the KTM/Red Bull pits before qualifying.

Ronnie Mac taking time for all his fans. The line to meet Ronnie was long…really long.

Darryn Durham was unable to race due to a wrist injury last week. His Yamaha 2 stroke here on display at the Fasthouse pits for people to gaze upon.

Off-road expert and trials extraordinaire Geoff Aaron showing off for the fans during the intermission. He did two shows during the day and both had the fans going crazy in between racing.

Here are one of Geoff Aaron’s signature moves…using his announcer as a prop.

Geoff Aaron doing a nose wheelie for the fans.

A close up of Chad Reed’s 2 stroke he was going to race over the weekend. During practice Friday night Chad over shot a section of the track and hurt his ankle. Chad went to a specialist in the morning and by the main event Saturday, he was at the track and helping announce the race. We were excited to see a 2 Stroke Reed/Villopoto show down. Maybe next year..

A good size drop off after the box style start at Red Bull Straight Rhythm. This is the first time either rider would see their competition. During the gate drop riders couldn’t gauge if they got the jump or not on the competitor next to them.

“Uncle Ronnie” cruising to the front for another run during qualifying. The trash talk started early and never ended with his competition.

Two riders. Two Huskys. Both Raced Supercross. Both now race offroad. Ryan Sipes vs Mike Brown down the front stretch of the track.

Two former Supercross racers and current employees of KTM decided to try out Red Bull Straight Rhythm on Saturday. In front Ryan Morais leading Mike Sleeter during qualifying.

Ryan Villopoto and “Stank Dog” going head to head early on in the program. These two ran neck and neck all day. A few mistakes by Villopoto would allow Steinke to move onto the finals.

You would think a goon like Ronnie Mac has no skill on a motorcycle. Think again, because RM has enough style to scrub as low as the factory riders.

Sean Cantrell putting on the charge in his qualifying run. The young gun from Southern California showed a lot of speed Saturday as well as his talent on a Supercross style track.

Pretty sure this is as low as you can go …Sean Cantrell scrubs had the crowd on their feet every time.

Marvin Musquin was no slouch in the scrub department. He styled off every single in qualifying on his Red Bull KTM.

Ronnie vs Morais. As the light fell below the mountains racing continued and the bracket shortened. Ronnie would move on and take Morais out of the chase.

Mike Brown rode supercross a long time ago. He is more used to logs or rocks being the obstacles these days. Although, Mike rode Red Bull Straight Rhythm with ease on his Husqvarna TC250. It looks as though he hasn’t lost his timing what so ever.


Another shot of Mike Brown scrubbing his Husky down the right side of the rhythm lane.

Your 2 stroke challenge winner. “Stank Dog” took the win over Ronnie Mac. Ronnie had a huge crash and almost looked like he was done for the night. A slight delay to fix the bike and he was back on track but couldn’t hang on to Steinke’s speed.

The leaves in the background made more noise than Josh Hill on Saturday night. Josh rode an Alta motors machine and held his own. It was truly impressive to see the electric bike get in the mix against 250F motorcycles.

We’ve seen Broc Tickle race his KTM now a couple times. Broc is continuing to gel more with the bike and adjust to his new surroundings. He rode solid all day on the new ride and we’re excited to see what he can put together on a full season of supercross.

Former Arenacross champ Tyler Bowers took his talents to the races this weekend on a KX450F backed by AHM and John Burr cycles.

The racing between Alex Martin and Shane McElrath was less than a wheel shy of deciding a winner.

Josh Hansen debuted his new ride for 2018. He will be riding a Suzuki RMZ450 next season. We were curious to see him on the older model as the 2018 RMZ has been updated drastically over its predecessor.

The Finals for the 250 Class. In front Shane McElrath and in tow Sean Cantrell.

This was really a special moment to see both TLD/KTM teammates share a moment together after a hard fought battle in the final round of the 250 class. McElrath and Cantrell were both fast all day but Shane was just a little faster.

It was no surprise to see the “million dollar man” take the win Saturday night after a successful weekend just the week before by taking all 3 motos at the Monster Cup. Marvin is on a roll right now and has the most momentum leading into the 2018 Supercross season.


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