California recalled a Governor, and millions worldwide wonder if politicians work for US (when they vacation in the middle of a budget session). Powerful agencies are radically trying to alter our lives. One of them, CARB (CAL Air Resources Board)-is drastically affecting the cycle community and it is the reason your street bike has less power and costs more. CARB recently developed a way to shut most 2003 (and beyond) dirt bikes and ATV’s out of OUR State OHV Parks for 5-6 months a year.

As of July 15, 2003 all bikes issued ‘red stickers’ (DMV License) will be banned from all State OHV Parks from Spring To Fall. Presently 80-90% of all 2003 off road vehicles will be issued the ‘red.’ The hidden agenda is clear. This is a state backed program to eliminate OHV recreation. Would you purchase a $5000 dirt bike for you or a group of people (CARB) can ruin our recreation.

CARB claims this biased system will make ‘cleaner air.’ Consider however that all the new 2003 bikes and ATV’s would only represent about .002% of the 25,196,801 vehicles registered in CA. How could this microscopic quantity of vehicles that operate about 8 hours a month possibly be considered a major cause of air pollution? Why pick on us? Answer: We’re small and don’t fight back. What would happen if CARB tried to shut down a real polluter, like the interstate trucking industry, for 6 months?

A bully rules until a challenger arrives on the scene. I hope we have not lost the instinct to fight for our rights. The ‘Red Sticker’ program will push us around for no scientific reason but rather it is a way of perpetuating power and arrogance in the vacuum of Sacramento. It looks good on their resume–it shows how they ran a bunch of offroaders out of town.

The State OHV Parks have registered a 70% increase in attendance. The average riders is a 12 year old enjoying family recreation. Sales have risen 63%. The ‘Red Sticker’ system will not end our sport but it will be the beginning of the end. We must win this fight for the sake of the next generation.

Here Is A Sample Letter For You To use

Mr. Alan Lloyd, Chairman
California Air Resources Board
1001 ‘I’ Street
Sacramento, CA 95812

The Off Road Recreation community is notifying you that we oppose the new ‘Red Sticker’ OHV registration sytem. We are unfairly being enforced to give up 5 to 6 months of OHV vehicle use as of July 2003. CARB claims this reduction is our contribution to clean air in California. We know that bad air stinks, but so does questionable science that discriminates!

Foward to me at the address below your data that substantiates a reduction of our sport. We specifically want to know when you collected emission data at what State Parks. We don’t believe your air attianment stats will support regulations that will affect 80-90% of the 2003 inventory. How could anyone possibly consider a $3-$6000 purchase if if could only be used 6 months a year? The economic impact of this ‘Red Sticker’ system is ominous. Our economy needs help, not a hit.

Californians have reached a point where we are holding elected officials and commissioners accountable for negative actions that lack common sense. An OHV vehicle in operation for 8 hours a month is not a major cause of air pollution. We vote to Recall the ‘Red Sticker’ Program



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