Most people never give a second?s thought to their seat until it falls off in a moto. Others complain about the foam firmness but never do anything about it. Actually, your seat is highly tunable, and you shouldn?t wait until you can feel the subframe rails to think about a seat rebuild.
Many graphics companies have ventured into the world of seat foam and covers. You can buy tall seat foam to improve ergonomics, and you can obtain softer foam for your KTM or whatever. Gripper seat covers help you stay on the bike better, especially when it?s muddy, and you can integrate the cover into your graphics scheme, too. Here are N-Style?s tricks for seat rebuilding?

1: Remove the seat from the bike and the mounting brackets from the base (if applicable). With a small flat-blade screwdriver, lift the existing staples to remove the old seat cover. Needle-nose pliers work best, once you lift the staple a bit.

2: If changing out the seat foam, for softer foam or a different seat height, use contact cement or spray adhesive to secure the new foam to the base.

3: Fit the new seat cover over the foam, center it, and staple the front and back of the cover to the base, using quarter-inch, heavy-duty staples. Then heat the sides of the cover (a hot-air gun works best), pull tight and tack the midpoint on each side in place.

4: Once you?ve got the cover positioned correctly and the midpoint of the sides tacked in place, work towards the tongue (front) of the seat on each side. You may have to remove staples and retack to work out wrinkles.

5: Heat, pull and tack down each side, working towards the back from the midpoint. Trim the excess cover around the seat bracket holes and away from the front mount(s). Remount the hardware and seat. That?s it!


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