Wayne Ransom gives everyone a fourth and final look at our Kawasaki KX500 Aluminum Frame project before final assembly begins on this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday brought to you by Boyesen. This machine is a work of art! Products from Intek Suspension and Pro Circuit are featured in 2-Stroke Hardware and 2-Stroke Theater has five premix burning project bikes you don’t want to miss. We have exclusive links to more on the Ransom Kawasaki KX500 build at the bottom of this post. (Words & Images by Wayne Ransom)

An industrial color style and a handmade titanium pipe make a colorful combination. Apex Coatings did an outstanding job on this “Tungsten/Black” 2 tone. 

Just when you think you’re done… You remember you forgot to fab a skid plate. I’m old school so I prefer an aluminum skid plate over carbon or plastic. This ones made from .080” thick 5052. Now to machine some 6061 for brackets.

There’s at least $1500 worth of raw Titanium stock sitting here for our Kx500af build. And although I’m tearing this bike down today to heat treat the frame and detail all of the parts, there is still a lot of content to come. 

Öhhh my, my, my… Handling is going to be dialed on our 2018 KX500AF Öhlins suspension front and rear!

Just eyeing up some trick parts today from our sponsor Ride Engineering . These black ano billet triple clamps and this Black ano billet front brake caliper are top notch. 

Coil mount welded up for this Kx500af tucked neatly between the rads. The to-do list is dwindling down. Check out those freshly modded Tom Morgan Racing parts.

Dry fitting all parts on our KX500AF today to ensure nothing is overlooked. And I will be crafting 2 Titanium brackets that tie in the rad shrouds to the Titanium fuel tank. Then it’s time to strip it down and do some surface finishing. 

We decided on an industrial color style for this build since there’s so much raw materials work. So check out that Cerakote. Apex Coatings did an outstanding job on this “Tungsten/Black” 2 tone. I thought the intricacy in blacking out the Rekluse and Boyesen logos was going to be tough but Apex knocked it out of the park. Yes, it’ll eventually wear off the case covers with hard use but I’m not concerned



The Intek kit for the Xplor 48 WP fork brings low-speed adjustability with a new base valve equipped with a bypass circuit controlled by ports and additional shims to upgrade the OE compression stack to offer better control.  It also includes a new mid valve with completely different internals designed to offer a more traditional high speed flow control through piston ports and a shim stack.
Contact: www.innteck-usa.com


Pro Circuits newest T-shirt is the Flag Tee, a twist on the American flag design covered with gray digitalcamo and branded with their globe logo. The Flag Tee is a black 100% soft spun cotton shirt that comes with front and backscreen printed graphics.
Contact: www.procircuit.com


Want to see more about our Ransom KX500 Project ? Click the link or images below!


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