Race Tech Ramps Up for X Games LA

Race Tech is excited to showcase a full field of riders at the upcoming X Games in LA throughout multiple disciplines. Top privateers Ben Lamay and Vince Friese will take on the Moto X Racing event at the X Games to try and dethrone some of the biggest names in the sport. The opportunity to bring home multiple medals in LA looks like a real possibility when working with legends like Brian Deegan, proven talent like 2013 X Games Brazil Gold Medalist, Bryce Hudson, and new faces Mackenzie Tricker and Sara Pettersson. Ryan Sandoval and Lexi Pechoute will put their bikes, minds, and bodies to the test in the grueling Enduro X division. Be sure to tune in August 1-4, 2013 to cheer on Team Race Tech.

Brian Deegan – Step Up

Bryce Hudson – Step Up

Ben Lamay – Men’s Moto X Racing

Vince Friese – Men’s Moto X Racing

Mackenzie Tricker – Women’s Moto X Racing

Sara Pettersson – Women’s Moto X Racing

Ryan Sandoval – Men’s Enduro X

Lexi Pechout – Women’s Enduro X

‘Testing and preparing from X Games has been a lot of fun. We’ve had an opportunity to truly test our suspension under the highest demands with our Step Up riders Deegan and Hudson. It’s also fun to mix things up, and having fresh faces around like Sara Petterson and MacKenzie Tricker is never a bad thing,’ said Race Tech’s Director of Marketing Chris Riesenberg.

Race Tech has been testing the limits of suspension for Step Up, with riders dropping nearly 30 feet straight down to the landing alongside legendary rider Brian Deegan and X Games Brazil Gold Medalist Bryce Hudson.

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