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Good morning everyone,
I have been busy and kind of slacking a bit on the race reports for this year, but time to get on top of it.  Starting with this weekend, we headed down to southern California for the Soboba Gran Prix.  Saturday, we cruised down and got to the track in time to walk the 6 mile loop.  It was kind of a funky layout with some fun section up in the hills and then back down into a big field with lots up straights with little man made kickers and funky little stuff.  We got a motel and dinner and did a couple little things on the bike and shut eye time.  Sunday, race day… We got out to the race site and finished getting ready for the 1 pm start and before you knew it the flag was waving.  I pinned it down the fast start straight and went to go inside on the first turn and wamm, got hit and kind of played like a pin ball machine, but fell back some positions, kind of mid pack.  Shoot, I wanted a good start and here I am again.  So I pinned it and the first loop was pretty dusty and kind of freaky back in the pack.  I passed some guys, then a couple more and pushed, but the pit board said 8th I think and there was a gap in front of me.  I kind of felt tight and worked hard and closed the gap coming into the hour mark and it was the lap I was coming to pit and burrr, my bike like died out, crapp, I am running out of gas, but luckily the pits were just up over the hill. Got some gas, clean goggles and water and back to pinning it.  I moved my way to 7th and could start seeing people in front of me that weren’t lappers.  Cool, I got another, then another and had to get a splash of gas before my last loop so I didn’t run out again and the checkers was out.  I got 3rd.  I wasn’t too far behind the leaders, but still didn’t win, so back home and practicing on my starts and sprints, so I don’t get stuck in the back of the pack off the get go, because I want to be on top of the podium..Finish order
1st  Robby Bell
2nd Jamie Lanza
3rd  Russell Pearson
Now a quick little run down of the year up to this race.  As all of you know, there has been some changes and I am riding a Kawasaki 450 and concentrating on the WORCS series.  I will be doing other events surrounding that series to help condition and practice for those races.  I traveled down to Phoenix for the first round on Jan. 20 and had a bad start and was working my way through the pack and had a freak problem and it ended up basically as a throw away as I was credited with a 27th after all was done.  But, I learned some areas to work on and get my butt to work. 
on January 26… I traveled to Mesquite for a USDR (Utah motorcycle association) Gran Prix.  Since our next WORCS race is in Mesquite I figured, what better practice.  I had another mediocre start, but by the end of the first lap had moved my way into the lead and never looked back.  I felt pretty good and learned a few more things to work on.  finish order
1st Russell Pearson
2nd Bobby Garrison
on January 27… I had raced the day before in Mesquite and on Sunday was a local MRAN race out at Bitter Springs.  What better way to learn a bike then to go race a desert race.  I woke up early and it was pouring rain.  I was like oh man, I don’t know if I want to go race in the rain all day.  I figured the clouds would burn off and would be epic conditions for a race.  So I loaded up in the rain and cruised out and it kept pouring.  I hung out under a friend’s canopy to get out of the rain and finally got the courage to sign up and got geared up to race.  After rider’s meeting, it was start time.  Dead engine start..uh ohh, I haven’t practiced my starts with this bike, so I did a couple quick practices and banner up.  Drop and so do kickstarters..Braaa, the green machine fired up and pinned.  I got the lead and pinned it.. I went to pull my roll offs and nothing, uh ohh, this isn’t gonna be all that much fun.  I didn’t want to take my goggles off so I kind of cruised.  It was two 45 mile loops and I got some better goggles in the pits and had some fun in the pouring rain and mud and came into the finish first.  
1st Russell Pearson
2nd Eric Hallagath
Well, I have been working hard, but got some more to learn and work on, so I better get my butt to work.. I want to give a big thanks to my family and sponsors and friends and fans for all the support.  And I will chat with you after this weekend where we will be headed up to Mesquite for the 2nd round of the WORCS series. 
Russell Pearson
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