OMA Race Report: Moose Run Rider views 

Jimmy Jarrett

Geico Kawasaki, JG Offroad, Monster Energy Kawasaki, Ohlins, Moose, Sidi.

Second overall,  fourth series

It wasn’t too bad of a day except for the little tangle with Scotty out there. Hopefully he’ll be ok. Not too bad. I got a horrible start and then caught those guys pretty quick once we got in the tight stuff. We were all riding together. No big deal. Me and Scotty were hauling across one of those fields and kind of looking for arrows and didn’t know which way to go. He saw the arrows before I did and made a hard left and I went straight through him. I couldn’t even get stopped. He went down pretty hard and I went back and asked if he was alright and he wasn’t talking. We just kind of stayed there with him until a couple course marshals found us. There was nothing I could do then. They had him, so I took off. That put me down, but he’s my buddy. I caught Nick before the end of the first lap and then Paul had about a minute on me. once Paul gets that little gap it seems like it’s hard to close. I tried, and once I realized I wasn’t going to catch him I just kind of got in a good, comfortable pace and just finished the day in one piece anyway. I’m happy with today. I mean, it sucks what happened with Scotty, but, you know.

Paul rode good today. I never really saw him the second lap. He was motoring pretty good. I just kind of settled in to second and made sure I finished in one piece. It was about what it is every year. It just made things a little easier being dry. The first lap was tough. You just couldn’t see the logs and things under the grass, but the second lap was actually pretty fun. You were able to truck right along.


Jordan Ashburn

Monster Energy Kawasaki 450, Pro Circuit, Renthal, Moose

Pro fourth, 6th series

I got fourth, so, a pretty good day. I liked it. It was a little dusty in the fields and stuff but besides that it was good. It was fun. I loved the log. I didn’t crash on it, so I was stoked.

Adam Bonneur

K’s Motorsports, Sidi, Moose Racing, Scott Goggles, K&N Air Filters, Race Tech Suspension, Fastway Pro Moto Billet, G2, FMF

Pro fifth seventh series

It was pretty interesting. I felt really good out there today. I never really got tired. It’s too bad really. I think I had something for them today if I’d have had a front brake. About probably ten miles into it I was where we go underneath the railroad bridge. I hit a rock and it put a pretty bad dent in my rotor. You could pump them up, but by the next corner they’d be right back where they were. If you had a quick enough hand, if you were panicking enough, you could get front brakes. I just kind of hung in there all day. I stopped and tried to fix it a couple times and lost a bunch of ground and then actually caught everybody. I caught some people: the people that stopped and helped Scotty. I was going by right when Bill showed up so everybody took back off together. i chased Jordan Ashburn the last half of a lap. I caught him and I lost him, and I caught him again and then he pulled away from me pretty good. It’s too bad, really, I didn’t get on the podium this year. I kind of got skunked, but, I guess we’ll take this into next year. I really enjoyed being on the bike this year. The Kawi treated me right. I love racing this race, so I’ll be back.

Scotty Watkins

Pro dnf, Second series

I’ve been doing the OMA’s for two years now. This is the end of the year and I’d like to get a win. I’ve been battling all year with everyone at the OMA’s here. Paul’s been able to get away from me a few times. If it works the same way it did last year, we kind of all rode in a group until we got out there for the end of the first lap and everybody started to make a break for it. Just ride with everybody there at the beginning and then, kind of, maybe sprint at the end and dust them out. we have no idea what Bill has out there for us. I’m sure he’s found evry piece of mud and log and stump and root to go over. I’m sure he’s upset it’s dusty, but it doesn’t really bother us any. We’ll just go out there and do what we can. Hopefully we can tackle anything he puts in the course.



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