Race Report – Russell Pearson – WORCS Havasu


Good morning everyone,

This past weekend was the 3rd round of the WORCS series and this time we were off to Lake Havasu, AZ for what is known as a up and down whooped out sandy race that you get to race right on the actual beach front.  We got down there Friday morning and got all set up and practiced on the little moto track section that had a few new doubles and is pretty hard packed and filled with marble to softball size rocks, so time to throw on the full plastic chest protector and go to it.  Practice up top in the hard pack stuff went pretty good and work on bikes a bit and lights out.  Saturday, was more practice with the Unclassified race in the morning.  Man, with no whoops and a smooth track, it was so much fun just laying it over in the sand carving corners.   Then in the afternoon was pro practice.  Total different course.  Man, there was volkswagon sized whoops and holes that had developedJ  We finished some stuff up and got some dinner and lights out.  Sunday: Race day.. After rider’s meeting and finishing some things up, it was time to head to starting line.  Got all lined up and parade lap and star spangled banner, engines were running.  Green flag waves and braaa, my Kawasaki was pinned all the way into the first turn.  I went wide and came out near the front and rubbing on people.  I was in the top 10 and pinned.  Man, I just really struggled off the beginning and fell back a couple spotsL I pushed hard and right after the first pit, just hit some chop on one of the take offs of the doubles and uh ohh as I was flying sideways through the air.  Hit the landing sideways and just went tumbling, oweee.  Danget.. I got up and pushed the bike out of the way and fired it up.  The bars were aimed do west as I was headed straight, so I actually found a big dozer and tried to straighten them out by hitting the front tire against it and made it better but just rode with it.  I got back up and tried to push and then another mistake or off the track in the tullies.  Made an extra pit stop to try to fix some stuff and finally got in a halfway groove near the end.  I had made up a few spots, but came home with a 14thL.

1st – Bobby Garrison

2nd – Ricky Dietrich

3rd – Damon Huffman

 Well, I am back home and already got a list of stuff to work at, so I am gonna make this short and give a big thanks to all my sponsors and family for the great support and send a big thanks to Earl Desiderio for his great help with mechanicing and support along with my brother Nick and my girlfriend Jessica for their great support and all my friends and fans for all the cheering on and off the track.  Thanks and chat with ya next time

Russell Pearson

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