Race Report – Russell Pearson – AMA H&H Utah


Good morning everyone,

This past weekend we headed up to Jericho, UT, which is a little over an hour southwest of Salt Lake City, for the Sagerider’s AMA National Hare and Hound.  We had to leave Piper(my little red healer) home for the weekendL, but Jessica and I jumped in my new-used smaller van due to the fact that every time you pull up to the gas stations, it is kind of like oooeey, or more like ouch, so the boxvan stayed home.   We met up with brother Nick and Amber and Ryder in Cedar City Thursday night for some shut eye at a little motel.  Friday, up and at it and got some breakfast and on our way for a couple more hours till we get to the race.  There is a riding area that we usually pull off to do some testing and unload and get geared up.  Nick helped check sag and such and I got to play around in the trees.  I haven’t been really doing any Nat. Hare and Hounds, so this was new for me on the new Kawasakis.  Man, it felt pretty good though and we played around a little and elected to use our desert tires which are the 18” rear and a 20” front and after a little bit, were happy and time to race prep the bike.  Next it was time to head up to the pits to mark off a spot and get signed up and find out some race info such as loop mileage and such.  Checked out some stuff and back to town.  We were staying in Nephi because our normal stop in Delta was all sold out, and we drove up to Provo a little north because that’s where one of Amber’s sisters lives and got some grubbing food at the Pizza Factory and back to our rooms.  Shut eye time.

Saturday: Race day     We got up pretty early and got out to the pits just in time to help our little sister Maggie get ready to race and she was off.  Her and Dallin(David’s little brother) were racing on like a 15 mile loop or something that they were doing twice.  Well, it was time to finish up goggles and get ready.  They were allowing us an hour to ride the start in the morning and it was down in the grassy sand hills.  It was a pretty good start with some bumpy terrain and not too dusty down in the sand.  I found a good line at the very left and smoothened it out a little and before you knew it, it was time to head back for the rider’s meeting and start time.  David had lined up right to the left of me and then all the other 100 or so experts were to the right.  Banner was raised and dead silence with all eyes trying not to blink as they stare waiting.  Drops and so do kick starters.  Braaa, my green monster jumped out and I pinned it.  The start had some ups and downs and yeeehaa I was firstJ as we went through the banners.  I got to the course and it was a rough sucker right away.  I hit some big kickers and such and braa, someone was off to the left and got by me, danget.  Man, it was intense.  The little trail we were on would veer around and I would straighten it out and almost have the lead and then nope, it was crazy..  We were going for it.  I dived to the inside and yeehaa got the lead back.  It looked like it was gonna open up a bit and then ohh crapper as we got in some big ups and downs and I got stuck in some bigger holes and back to second:(.  Shortly after, it started getting a bit dusty and I backed off, crapper.  I was riding hard, but hit a couple corners wide with it being hard to see.  I went a little wide on the next and ahh maannn, someone was keying off me and snuck under me.  I looked over and it was David.  Shoot.  I pushed but was now in his dust.  I pushed and before too long they sent us up a wash and into the trees.  The ground was still a little wet and it was just some pretty fun riding.  Good traction and left right left right through the trees. Pretty cool.  I pushed and felt good.  I was pushing and come around an offcamber turn and Morros had slid into a tree.  Next David.  I pushed hard all the way into the pits after the first 37 mile loop and burr as it was 5 mph pits.  I came to my pits and gas and goggles and some water.  They said David was 20 seconds ahead, cool, time to charge.  Then Nick goes, your brake pads are almost gone, uh oh, do we change them, Nope, I guess I better be a little easy on them.  OK, ride hard, but smart.  I pushed and tried to use my front brake whenever possible.  Man, in the tight trees, it is hard not to just hammer your brakes as you dart through the trees.  The course was awesome.  They got us up in the mountains and the dirt was perfect.  There was snow drifts you would go through and just some good technical racing.  I pushed and at a check they said I was like 30 seconds down, crapp. I pushed a little harder and could see David when it opened up.  My brakes started feeling almost metal to metal, so I slammed the front brake.  I pushed hard, but came into the finish like 15 or so seconds back. 

1st – David Pearson

2nd – Russell Pearson (meJ)

3rd – Destry Abbott

The club did an awesome job on the course and I had a lot of fun.  David rode a great race, so I still got some work ahead of me.  A big thanks to my family and sponsors for all the great help along with my girlfriend Jessica and Earl for all their help and support and friends and fans.  I am back home and got to change gears again and get ready for a long drive up to Washington for a WORCS race outside of Seattle this weekend.  We are leaving Wednesday afternoon.  Thanks again for all the support and chat with ya later

Russell Pearson

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