Race Report – Russ Pearson – WORCS rd 5 – CA

Race Report – Russ Pearson – WORCS rd 5 – CA

Hello everyone,

This weekend we headed out by Adelanto, CA for the 5th round of the WORCS series. Nick and I along with the dogs and sugar gliders headed down Friday morning for practice while the girls(Tina-my girlfriend and Amber-Nick’s wife) stayed for work and headed down later that night. We got there and rode the moto track a bit. Everything was pretty good. There was a like 100 plus foot step up then down jump thingy that was pretty cool along with just typical moto turns with some ruts and up and down thingies. We did some changes on the bikes and then you could see the rain coming. I did a couple more laps and it started sprinkling and getting heavier, so, with practice about over anyways I headed to the boxvan. I chatted with Nick about the course and bike stuff and he said he slid out and banged up his thumb pretty good. Crapp, that sucks. Well, we threw the bikes and stuff in the boxvan and the rain started coming down pretty hard. On our way out of the track, the road went by the little guys and girls track, and those kids were ripping around like no other all soaked and all. Man, kids are great, just out there having fun. Well, we made it to town and got some ice for Nick’s thumb and grub and to the motel for night night.

Saturday: alarm clocks flying at 5 and showers and to the track. I decided to do Unclassified so I got all signed up and some food for my belly and to the track at 7:30 for Unclassified. Tina came and had a screwdriver and hammer and punch and hung out by the side of the track, thanks Tina. Well, my bike felt pretty good and the track was already getting rough, so cool. We headed to the boxvan and got out of my gear and checked over some stuff on the bike and chatted with Nick. His thumb looked like it had come off the Pillsbury dough boy as it was all swollen and puffy and also turning black and blue. He couldn’t even grab his clothes bag let alone a hold onto a crazzy motorcycle as you’re pinning it in huge sand whoops and wide open square edge chop. That sucks, but is racing So, 1:20 was my practice and Tina was out there again with tools in case I wanted to change something. Well, the practice was good. The track was getting gnarly with sand and whoops and turns and a couple fast sections with gnarly square edge chop. They had a little log section with tires(kind of like the Enduro Cross scaled down) that was pretty cool also. I felt good and after practice did the usual race prep with tires and bleeding brakes and new air filter and so on. The WORCS staff along with some parents did a little Easter Egg hunt thing for the kids and that is cool. Easter is always fun, especially for the kids. Well, Tina and I got all done and loaded and headed on into town. What for dinner?? Well, we elected Olive Garden for some dang good ol’ salad and some pasta for fuel for the body. We met up with Tony Acosta. race chaplain, and Doug Sillers and friend Jen showed up later on. Got some good grub and then back to the motel for showers and some shut eye.

Sunday: Race Day, got to the track and unloaded. Checked out how they were running the pro pit and also seen that we were doing the logs and tires backwards. They ended up filling inbetween the logs and tires full of water for a little extra difficult or struggle too. Nice. Well, before long, it was time for Rider’s meeting and a little chapel service by Tony and signed a couple more autographs for kids and adults and to the starting line for the parade lap and National Anthem. Well, lil’ Dillon and Tina helped get my start grove in tact and Tina gave me my race goggles and 1 minute board was up and 30 seconds and sideways and gate drops. Leaning forward and Braaa. I got a good jump and my Yamaha was running strong. De Ja Vu as Garrison(Yamaha teammate) were up front and heading into the first right hander wide open. Well, there was a bit of mud and ruts on the inside and Tina and I had walked it earlier and found a line on the very very inside. Well, I dove in and braa, yeee haa 1st. Well, a couple turns later, there was a weird section that I would single table and triple, well, Garrison was a little more swift and stepped onto the table and slipped by. Crap, well alright as we headed out into the offroad. We were pinned and I slipped wide and Hughes got by, danget. Well, I pulled back beside him in the next straight away and rode there most the lap. The outsides were pretty good in most turns because the insides had like 3 foot whoops that would slow you down too much. Then I just brain faded and took a turn wide, but too wide and got into some slippery stuff and poof, hand and face full of sand, nice. Well, I got my bike started and had fallen probably to 10th or so. I was like alright, don’t panic, just get in a groove. Well, I got by a couple guys and feeling good, when on lap 2 through the logs and tires, there was a couple guys. I got stuck for a second and kind of squidded it, but back going and OK, well, when I went to hit my front brake for a turn, nothing, what?? well, I figured I must have hit my bottom caliper on a tire or log and compressed it, so pump pump pump trying to get brake and still nothing. Crap, I looked down and my caliper was hanging. I clipped something and broke it. Well, into the pits and got a caliper off my other bike and switched it with help of Ralph, Charles, myself and other, we got it done and back on the trail. Well, by now I was back behind all the pros and a lot of the semi pros. Danget. 2 hours, so I can make up time. I pinned it and the pit board next lap said 24th. I would slowly see a guy and catch and make a pass. Again and again. I came into the pits after and hour and they said I was like 15th or 16th. OK, lets do it. I kept charging and charging, then the sign said ’11th, get top 10′. So, I found the next guy up there a couple turns and gave it my all. I made the pass. 2 laps left. I could see 9th up there a couple turns and stuck my head down. Well, maybe a little too low as later on that lap, I did another soil sample. Ohh man, picked my bike up and got going. I lost a bit of energy, but was like OK, I still got a lap left and its not over. I was back a bit, but gave it my all and started catching him, but time was clicking. I came into the logs and he was already out. Dang, well, I turned a couple more turns and there was the checkers. 10th.

1st Ryan Hughes
2nd Bobby Garrison
3rd Ricky Dietrich
4th Nathan Woods
5th Ty Davis
6th Mike Kiedrowski
7th Lance Smail
8th Mike Corder
9th Matt Karlson
10th Russell Pearson (me)

This next weekend we are headed again to California, this time to an AMA National Hare and Hound in Lucerne Valley, CA where I am going to work my butt off to come home with a win.

A big thanks to Tina for her help at the races and Ralph and Charles for their help in the pits, thanks. Also, thanks to Yamaha for building a great motorcycle and all their continued support along with all my other sponsors. Thanks to my family and friends and fans for your support. Nick’s thumb is still all poofed up and is having some doctors check on it for quicker healing and my cousin David also tweaked his ankle this weekend practicing up in Panaca, NV. So, hope they heal fast and chat with you all next week.

Thanks for the support

Russell Pearson

If interested I have more photos and sometimes little video clips about the races and stuff about me you can check out on my website too


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