Race Report-Russ Pearson-Utah H&H

Race Report-Russ Pearson-Utah H&H

Hello Everyone,

This weekend marked the 4th rd of the AMA National Hare and Hound series in Jericho, Utah. The Sageriders put on this race and it is usually one of the funnest of the year and I was really looking forward to it. After my brother Nick and girlfriend Tina got off work, we were on our way Thursday evening with dogs and squirrels. We arrived in Delta, Utah at our motel at around 1:30 am and were ready for some shut eye.

Friday, up at 7 and got some breakfast and back driving the 45 or so minutes to where the race was. We pulled off the road by the Little Sahara riding area for jetting and final suspension check ups. There was a bit of snow on the ground and just epic conditions. Right before, I headed out, the dogs(YZ and Riley) disappeared. Well, they’ve done that before, but usually in a couple minutes, they come back, so we(Nick and I) went out. My YZF450 felt really good and comfortable. I ended up slowing down the rebound in the shock 1 click and that made the little difference and I felt confident and stoked. We got back to the truck and still no dogs. Crap, they’ve never gone that long. I yelled and yelled and was like, well, I got to find these crazy dogs. So, Nick and I started the search. I’ll go over here, you go over there. I ended up coming upon Destry Abbott and his mechanic John and Destry’s dad, they said they’ll let me know if they see them. Then I seen Steve Hengeveld and his mechanic, they said they’ll let me know if they see them. Then, David(my cousin) showed up and he started looking with Nick and Me. Man, we searched and searched. We put our pit-board out on the main road with Lost Dogs and phone numbers. After a couple hours and every hill top and sagebrush and trees gone around, I headed to the boxvan. I was kind of in a panic and bummed. It wasn’t so bad at first, but as the minutes turned to hours I was getting scared. I go, we need a bigger sign, so we got our big table out and got some duck tape and started writing ‘LOST DO’ as Tina went to put the G and then S on the table, here comes the hoodlums, trotting through the trees, back to the Boxvan. Well, after a pretty good spanking and then some hugs, they were put on a short chain. A big thanks to David and Nick and if anyone else helped. We headed to the pits and they said the start would be open early in the morning, so we headed on into town. After getting the bike’s washed and prepped and dinner and all that stuff, our dad showed up with Tuffy, Axel, Maggie and Emma(some of our little brothers and sisters). We did a couple things to help them out with their little bikes and then lights out.

Saturday, Ring a ding ding, as the alarms were going off and after a shower and take dogs potty, we were on the road at 5:15 am Utah time. We rolled into the pits at around 6 am and it just showing glimpses of light. We got signed up and they said the start wasn’t going to be open now ’til 9, so Axel and Tuffy were racing at 8:30, so we checked over their little YZ125L fourstrokes. Axel’s throttle grip looked like it had been through the cheese grader, so we put a new one on and got them some hand guards and they were all ready. We got to watch them start and that was a lot of fun and then, back to the boxvan to put gear on and check out the start. We(Nick and I) got down there and checked it all out. We got the best line and practiced a couple more starts and she was firing and ready to go. We went back to the van where Tina had us some PB and Js for some fuel for my belly and the kids had just finished their race. They were telling stories and they had a blast. Dallin(my cousin David’s brother) raced also along with a couple more of our cousins and they were doing all kinds of story telling. Well, it was about that time. After the National Anthem and the Rider’s meeting, we headed like a bunch of crazy ants, to the start line. They got us all lined up and, after a bit, the banner was up. Dead silence for a minute and then, it drops. Kick and no braa, just twisted the throttle and no go, craapp, kick, kick, kick and after a bit, finally fire and braaa pinned. I cheezed it on the start, so now I was behind a hundred or so people and we all had to funnel down at the end of the bomb between 2 banners about 50 ft apart. I came into it and it was scary. Soft sand dunes and everyone wanting to go fast. Ooh, as somebody hit some sand and hooked a right right in front of me, then another guy sticks his front end and flies over the handle bars and, I wiggled my was through the banner and back pinned trying to pass as many people as possible. I saw David(my cousin) off to the side doing the same thing, then Quinn Cody and I were passing people together. It was totally craazy. We had like 7 miles of sand and it helped me out in passing a lot of people. I finally caught up to Matt Gosnell and pulled up on him and he kind of backed off a sec and then onto the next who was Kellon Walch, and finally snuck around him and then just pinned. After another couple miles, there was Destry. We were probably 15 miles or so into it and somebody held out 4 fingers. I was 4th. and the leaders were all right there. I pulled up to Destry’s rear tire and he was riding good. I would almost put a tire in there every once in a while, but he was riding good and now we were right on Kendall’s tire. David had pushed his way by both them and I could see him stretching it. Crapp, I pushed and tried a different line through the trees. Bad idea as I was now off the course and finding my way back to the course. I lost Destry and Kendall, so I pinned it and after a little bit was right back on Destry’s tire. Well, about the 30 mile mark, Kendall blew a corner. Destry tucked in and I pinned it right with him. I was 3rd now. We got on some roads, and Destry dusted me a bit, but we got back in the sand and trees and I was like OK, this is it. I floored it so I could be right on his tire coming into the pits and that’s what happened. Alright, it was 5 mph pits and I could have throwed a rock and hit him. OK, quick pit, so I can get by him. I threw some goggles on and didn’t even take a drink of water. Nick said I was like 40 seconds behind David. She was full and braa, back to 5 mph. Destry was still filling. I was like yea, but then they did the extra pump on the dry break and he dropped it into gear and, we were practically side by side, but he had like 2 feet on me. You can’t pass in the pits, so I had to hang there ’til the end. End of pits and it was a drag race. We were both going for it, pinned. We were now in some whoops and going fast, scary fast. My heart was thumping. I pulled to the side and made the pass. breathe, breathe as I left it pinned and looked forward to catch David. My Yamaha was finally open and we were flowing. I looked back at a check, no Destry, cool. I pinned it and then around the 15 mile mark, I just blew a corner. what?   and then I went to the next corner and no rear brake. ???did I heat it up, I bleed the brakes right before the race with a brand new bottle of the best fluid??? did I bend the disc??? I’ll play it cool for a bit and maybe it will come back. Never did. After a bit, I could hear Destry. I was riding a bit over my head as I would bang off trees and bounce off rocks trying to give it my all with not much stopping, but the wicked front brake. I finally blew a corner and he snuck under me. I followed him for a bit and he slowly snuck away. I rode my butt off and came into the finish 3rd, like 15 or 20 seconds back of Destry. David won, by like 25 seconds and that was the story.
1st David Pearson
2nd Destry Abbott
3rd Russell Pearson
4th Kendall Norman
5th Matt Gosnell
6th Quinn Cody
7th Kellon Walch
8th Carl Massaberg

Something I noticed, was out of the top 8 this weekend and 2 weeks ago at the last National, 5 of them are my buddies from Vegas. Carl, is a kid I ride with quite a bit during the weeks and all the others are close friends we hang out with and ride with too. Anyways, I am back home and back to work, because this weekend is a WORCS race in Victorville, CA followed by the next weekend our next AMA National Hare and Hound in Lucerne Valley, CA. I want to give a big thanks to my dad and brother Nick and girlfriend Tina for always being there at the races and waking up at the wee hours of the morning and running around for me, you guys and gal are awesome and I truly appreciate it. Also, a big thanks to Yamaha and all of my incredible sponsors for their support. Thanks to all my family, friends and fans for your support and backing also. I also included a couple photos that Tina took if you want to download and check them out. Thanks

I also put my Race Reports, including more photos and stuff on my website at RussPearson.com if any one is interested. Thanks again

A couple side notes: My mom was just awarded Tenure at her college in San Antonio, TX which means she can teach there pretty much as long as she wants and is what all College Professors try to accomplish and she was also awarded Best Teacher at her college from several thousand students which I think is quite the honor.     I am not sure if I told everyone yet, but I have another brother or sister on the way come June(that will make 12 of us) and I am also going to be an Uncle here, come November when Nick and his wife Amber are do.   

Russell Pearson


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