Race Report – Russ Pearson – AMA H&H

Race Report – Russ Pearson – AMA H&H

Good morning everyone,

Sorry for being a little late getting this out, yesterday I traveled down to California for a golf tournament put on by Montclair Yamaha. It was put on to raise some money for a group that helps the mentally challenged. It was a lot of fun and hopefully they were able to raise some money for them. Well, this last weekend we traveled to Utah for round 6 of the AMA National Hare and Hound series. The race was located at Jericho which is a little over an hour southwest of Salt Lake City. It was a hot and dusty one with temps in the high 80’s and low 90’s. Well, Nick and his wife Amber with their baby Ryder came with me along with Piper, and Friday we got the bike all dialed in and did some walking and had a good day. So, back to Delta for some dinner and watch a little bit of basketball. Jazz were getting spanked pretty bad, so that sucked, but since then they won again and now are up 3 to 1 over the Warriors. Well, lights out, snoozing time.

Saturday: Up and at it and drive out to the race. After some more final walking and dialing in, it was race time at 11:00 a.m. when it was nice and hot. Well, banner up and stare time. After a bit and your eyes nice and blurred up, drop and kick. Baaaraaa as I bogged a bit and didn’t get the best jump. Shifting through the gears, the start was on a field and just wide open. I got to 5th gear and locked the throttle. At the end, they funneled us through some banners and danget, I was not first. I was probably 10th to 20th, poopey. The course hopped right on a road and it was a dusty and wide open one. I drifted wide and kept ‘er pinned and got by some people. Well, I knew there was a ditch on the left side, so I saw it at the last second and kind of veered to the right where it wasn’t so bad. Next, we went by a fence and around a dead cow that smelled pretty awesome. I was blinded by dust and had to try to dart through people so I could go to the right side of the road, because there was a fence now on the left. I pinned it and ohhh ahhh, as I saw some pretty crazy acrobats done by fellow riders hitting ditches and I might say, a bit squirly. Anyways, it continued like this and then we hit a sandy section with whoops. Pin it and try to keep passing people. I worked my way up and then could see the leaders dust a ways up. I pinned it all the way to the alternate gas. I decided to stop and get a splash, but probably shouldn’t have as some of the leaders hadn’t and kind of checked out. The rest of the loop went over desert mountain and had some fun tighter stuff and then back in the fast valleys back to the pits. After about 45 miles I was 4th and about a minute back of 3rd who was close to the leaders. So, time to pin it and give it all I got. The second loop was twisty through the trees and such, but not very tight. My Yamaha was feeling really good and as I entered a wash I saw 3rd just up ahead. Probably halfway through the loop now, I pinned it. Ohhhh as I almost stabbed myself by a tree. The dust was bad and now I found myself off the course going through the trees back to the ribbon. I would push, just to get blinded by the dust so bad that I would either hit rocks or go off the course and lose time. Pretty much again and again. Almost catch up to him just to get blinded by the dust. It was aweful and pissing me off. Well, that’s how it finished and I was 4th with 3rd just a couple seconds ahead, ahhh just frustrating. My cousin David won which, if I guess if I didn’t, then congrats to him. I finished 4th.

I found out after the race that our friend Kellon Walch had broken his shoulder pretty bad. I guess he was right with me off the start and when I veered to the right to miss the ditch, he entered it in a bad spot and wrecked. So, our hearts are with him and his family for a healthy recovery.

Thanks to all my family, sponsors, friends and fans for all the help and encouragement and I am trying to race a Best in the Desert race this weekend with my friend Carl, so until then have a good week

Thanks again

Russell Pearson


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