Race Report – Russ Pearson – AMA H&H

Race Report – Russ Pearson – AMA H&H

Good morning everyone,

This past weekend we headed down to Lucerne Valley for the 5th round of the AMA National Hare and Hound series. The weather had called for high 80s, but it was a hot one. We arrived and got the bike all dialed in. Then, we went out and did some walking and got our line all dialed in for the starting bomb. The bomb was probably like a mile long and fast. After the final race prep stuff on the bike and getting the bike to start and fire good, we loaded and headed back to town. Got some pasta and pizza at Nick’s Pizza and were ready for showers and bed.

Ring, ring, ring, as the alarm was going off at 4:15a.m. Up and at it. After some quick showers and such, we were on the road to the desert. It was still dark and you were fine in shorts and a t-shirt. It was going to be a warm one. We got out to the pits and finished the start and ready for race time. After a little grub and top off of gas, we headed to the starting line. Banner up and the whole line, which was several hundred yards wide and full of elbow to elbow riders, went silent. All eyes glued to the banner looking for the first flinch of . . . drops and kick. My Yamaha 450 jumped out and was ready to go. I got to my line first and pinned it. Carl Maassberg was about 20 feet to the left of me and we were pinned, side by side all the way. I barely edged him out at the end and I think I was like 2nd. I veered to the right a little out of dust and ended up picking a bad line as I went through big ups and downs in like 2nd gear when I should have been in 5th going fast. Next thing I knew, vroom vroom, as a couple riders went by me on both sides where it was good, I was like Ahhhh, dangettt. Well, I pinned it and tried to play catch up. I was back around 5th or 6th. I pulled up on a rider who was to the left and we pinned it together going through ditches and kind of sandy stuff with sagebrush. I got the better end of it and one down. Then we got in some gnarly sandy stuff that was all mogely. The sand had built up on the sagebrush and was just like nasty 2 foot tall mounds of dirt you would just bounce off kind of like a pin ball. Lean back and pinn it as 2 more guys were right in front of me. Then it got fast and some big whoops. It was a bit sandy, so you would like kind of swap around a little so I hung on tight with my legs and pinned it. Yeeehaa as I passed the next 2 riders. I pushed the rest of the loop and could see more dust ahead. I came into the pits after the first 42 mile loop and Nick said I was 3rd. The second 40 mile loop was a little more technical. I pushed hard, but I would bounce left off the rocks instead of right and just wasn’t flowing like normal. So, I pushed harder and would bounce further to the left. I got by David, who had run out of fuel or something near the end and ended up 2nd. Finish order

1st Destry Abbott
2nd Russell Pearson – me
3rd David Pearson

Well, I just got back from the gym this morning and I am going to work my butt off for the top box at the next National which is in 2 weeks in Utah. I want to give a big thanks to my family, friends, dog, sponsors and fans for their awesome support and chat with ya in 2 weeks.


Russell Pearson


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