Round 1
Mesquite, Nevada.
2nd Place
The opening round of the 2017 WORCS series was full of deep sand and whoops for days! Gary Sutherlin took home a 2nd place finish riding a consistent race throughout the 2 hour event. “I had a decent start. I was behind Yorba who ended up going down, which gave me the lead and I knew I had to hold onto that.” Sutherlin ended up holding the lead for a lap until he was passed by Taylor Robert. “Taylor rode a great race and I feel it’s a good starting point for me. I know what I need to do and I’m ready for the next one.” Sutherlin’s next race with be Round 1 of Big 6 in Adelanto.
Pro2 Lites
1st place
Cooper Abbott, started the weekend with 250A which would then qualify him for PRO2 Lites on Sunday. Abbott came away with a 4th place in 250A, “I know I could have done better, but I was more focused on Sundays race.” Sunday came around and the PRO2 Lites class was the 3rd gate in the mornings race following PRO2 and PRO. “I got a bad jump and was sitting 2nd to last! I was feeling really good and picking off riders quick, but made another rookie mistake and went down on the first lap which put me back to last again.”  Abbott was in charge mode after his crash, but followed it with another one after hitting a square edge. He slowly found good lines and moved his way into 6th place by the hour mark. “With 2 laps to go I caught Clay Hengeveld, who was in first. I was able to come away with the win and I’m super happy with how all of it went.” Abbott’s next race will be round 1 of Big 6 in Adelanto.
Pro 2
4th place
Damon Bush raced Saturday’s 450 A class with a hard earned 15th place, after a few unfortunate problems which nabbed him the last qualifying spot for Sunday’s PRO2. A new day and a new race was in the horizon for Bush, “I was refueled and ready to go!” Bush came out of the gate with a good start only to have a few crashes in the 2nd lap. “After the crashes I fell into a good grove and rode that way the last hour and a half.” Bush ended up finishing the PRO2 with a solid 4th place. “There is definitely room for improvement, but I feel like it’s a good starting point.” Damon’s next race will be round 1 of Big 6 in Adelanto.
Round 5
Buckeye, AZ.
1st Place
AMRA was putting on their 5th round in Buckeye Arizona, so Nick Burson headed out there in hopes that it would be a great warm up race for his upcoming series. After a long and whooped out race, he was the first to cross the checkered flag. “I wasn’t to sure where I was as far as race speed, etc since the switch to Yamahas, so I knew I needed to get a race in before then.” With a full gate, and a long race ahead, Burson put his head down to get a good start off the gate. “I was in the lead by the 3rd turn, and felt like the race went really well. I kept feeling better and better as every lap went by. I am looking forward to this year and can’t thank Ron enough for giving me this opportunity.” Burson’s next race will be round 1 of WHS in Prairie City, CA.
4th Place
As the 2017 racing year is getting under way, Axel Pearson wanted to get in a practice race before this next weekend’s WHS. With a bad jump off the gate, he ended up working his way up to 3rd place by the 3rd lap. “Unfortunately, a lapper took us out together where my rear fender ended up in his rear tire and my front brake ended up getting stuck. It took a little bit to fix that, but I didn’t let that stop me and I was off again.” Pearson put his head down to work his way up to 5th and eventually finished with a hard earned 4th place. “Overall it was a blast, but I definitely know what I need to work on now.” Pearson’s next race will be round 1 of WHS in Prairie City, CA.
Ron Purvines (Team Owner): I am very happy with how well the entire team did today, both in the WORCS & AMRA races. It is the perfect way to start off our year and I am excited for next weekend.

Destry Abbott (Operations Director): It’s been a little while since I’ve been to any races and was excited to see how our new Purvines DA8 riders were going to do. We had our 5-riders at two different races this weekend and they all did amazing for their first time on the new Yamaha’s. We honestly haven’t had a lot of time for testing and seat time on them, but I”m super happy with our results after one race. I really believe we have an amazing team that is going to turn a lot of heads this year and beyond. 

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