Glen Helen 6-Hour

Glen Helen, Ca.

March 10, 2013


Pre Race:

This was my first time racing the Glen Helen 6-Hour and after all the rain they were receiving I knew it was going to be awesome! Mark Tilley from Dirt Bike Magazine called me a week before the race and asked if I wanted to build my race bike early and race it with him! Definitely had a lot of work ahead of me, but I was all for it! The week before the race we figured we might pick up one more rider to help us old guys out. I made a lot of phone calls to find someone and then just had to settle on Gary Sutherlin J/K! Gary was definitely my first choice and it was going to be like the good old days teaming up with him again!


Race Day:

We heard the start was going to be a dead engine and since I’ve been doing those kinds of starts for a long time, we figured I’d take the new KX450 out for a spin first! There were actually a lot of really good teams and I knew the start wasn’t going to be super important since the dirt was so good, but of course I wanted to be out front 😉 I had a great start and was leading after the first corner, but was a little tentative since there were a lot of puddles and I wasn’t sure where the course went. About a ¬ into the lap one of the Moto kids on a Honda made a good pass on me when I shut off on a drop off. I followed him for a little bit, and then made the pass back and put a little gap on the guys behind me. We then got into some awesome single-track trails and I loved it and the way the bike felt! As the 10-mile loop was almost over we jumped back on the MX course and I saw I had a couple guys in front of me. I knew they missed part of the course somewhere and I was actually leading, but it didn’t look that way to people watching the race. They both realized the part of the course they missed the next lap (it was an accident and easy to lose the course). I had two good laps and then gave the bike to Mark Tilley! For someone that doesn’t race that much anymore he was on it! We had a great battle going with the Husky team, Honda team, and a Yamaha team. This was just making the perfect course that much better! After Mark put in a couple laps he gave the bike to Gary ‘I Rev It To Much’ Sutherlin! Of course I love giving Gary a hard time, but he was also riding really well like he has all year and gave us a nice lead. We all ended up riding a couple more times and pretty much had a perfect day! I believe we ended up winning by around 6-minutes, but it was more of a great test session and seeing how the bike worked for 6-hours straight!


Overall Summary:

Like I was saying before, it was just about perfect conditions for racing and it was that way for us! The three of us had a great time and that was for sure the most fun I’ve had racing in a long time. It was a low-pressure type of race and it was also a great way to test out the new air-forks (which were awesome). We made some small adjustments to clickers during the race, but other then that the new KX450 was flawless all day! A big thanks to Mark and Gary for teaming up with me! Now I’m starting to think we need to do the 12-Hour race and go for the overall Endurance Championship for 2013!


Results (Top 3 OA):

1st Destry Abbott / Gary Sutherlin / Mark Tilley

2nd Cory Graffunder / Jamie Lanza / Brent Eastman

3rd Justin Morrow / Talon Taylor


Other Notes:

Be sure to check out Dirt Bike Magazine here in a couple months to see the article on my race bike and the 6-Hour race. It was awesome to be able to do this with Mark and Dirt Bike. I think a race like this is definitely a test for the bike and lets you see what it’s really capable of doing!


A good friend of mine, Kris Keefer soloed the race on a little KTM 2-stroke and I was pumped to see him win the Ironman class! Dude was on it! 


As a lot of you might see I have quite a few new sponsors and can’t thank them enough for stepping up and helping me out! I absolutely love them all and wouldn’t be using any of their products if I didn’t think they were the best!


I attached some photos taken by Mark Tilley and Ron Lawson.


Best Wishes,


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