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Blais Racing’s Braydon Bland and Cole 

Timboe Podium at National Youth Hare

and Hound Round 6!  

Press Release

May 9th, 2014

Contact: Chris Blais

Blais Racing Services

National Youth Hare and Hound Round 6

Sageriders MC, Utah



By: Braydon Bland, Super Mini (2nd Place Overall) 

I was pretty pumped for round 6 of the NHHA race because it was my home turf and this is my favorite place to race. I was also excited because last year they did two different loops and they would do it this year again! The drive to this race was only an hour and a half so that was nice, haha.


Braydon Bland on his way to 2nd overall Super Mini at NHHA Round 6.  

Come Saturday morning, I would wake up, go sign up, and then go get my spot on the line. Then I would say Good Luck to my teammate Cole, walk down to the banners and watch him get an awesome start in 2nd. Next loop come around, he would still be in 2nd. After that I would run out of time and have to go get ready. But he finished 3rd Overall! After I was ready, I would go to the start and get all set up on my line.


Braydon Bland and Cole Timboe headed back to the pits to check out their GoPro Videos.  

Banner dropped and I was 2nd to the banners but I would sneak into 1st going into the wash. I would lead the first loop but Jarret (Megla) was on me the whole time. About 5 miles on the second loop, me and Jarret were battling it out and we would run into a pack of cows and Jarret would pass me there. I stayed in his dust the rest of the loop and about 4 miles to the finish he blew a corner and I passed him. Then coming into a 90-degree corner we made contact but I would still hold the lead. A little bit after that I blew a corner just enough for him to sneak up into a pass and I was right on him all the way until about 100 yards from the finish and I crashed.

Overall I had an awesome race and an awesome battle with Jarret Megla. I would like to thank all my sponsors: Blais Racing, X brand Goggles, Fasst Company, Rekluse Motorsports, Troy Lee Designs, Alpinstars, Fastway, FMF and my mom and dad for all the help! Getting stoked for Caliente! 


NHHA Round 6 with Blais Racing

NHHA Round 6 with Blais Racing’s Braydon Bland!



By: Cole Timboe, Pee Wee (3rd Overall)

Race 6 was in Utah. We got up early on Friday and headed up there with Tim and Mason (Matthies) in their cool new van. The ride was long and we only got to stop 3 or 4 times. We got to Utah (Nephi) and got to swim in the pool for about 10 minutes. It was cool because tons of other racers were staying there, I think even Nick Burson was staying there. After we ate we went to bed and got up really early to go to the race. 


Blais Racing’s Cole Timboe on the start line of NHHA Round 6.  Photo by Chris Barnes.

The start of the race was in the same place it was last year, but this time instead of turning left we went straight. I got a good start off the line but a guy passed me and then crashed into a tree…or bush. I passed him but then he got me again. We were riding really close the whole first lap. I think it was the third lap when another guy got me and I feel like I could have passed him back but I got stuck behind some slow lappers and I had a hard time passing them. The trail was really skinny. There were a LOT of whoops and I was bummed that I didn’t see any cows. I ended up in 3rd Place, which is okay. My mom and I have been talking about how we learn something from each race and this race I learned that it is hard to pass lappers sometimes but I have to be aggressive if I want to win. I am going to work a lot on whoops with Chris to get me and my bike ready for Nevada. I would like to thank Blais Racing, FMF, IMS, Troy Lee Designs, Alpinestars, Fasst Co, my mom and my dad, Tim and Mason for the ride up there and my brother, and my mom says my sister too. (Photo by Chris Barnes)


Cole Timboe on his Blais Racing KTM 50SXS.  Photo by Chris Barnes


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