Race Report – AMA HS Russ Pearson


Good morning everyone,

This past weekend I jumped in with Bryan Bruning and we headed up to Idaho for a AMA National Hare Scrambles in Emmett, ID.  Friday night we made it to Wells, NV and found a RV park to park his trailer for the night.  Woke up Saturday morning to snow on the ground and the temperature was 20*.  Burrr.  We finished the trip and arrived to the race a bit after noon and walked around a bit and kind of got some info on how long the loop was and that stuff.  Before we knew it it was 6 o’clock and got signed up and the local Lion’s club made spaghetti and salad, so got some grub and retired back to the trailer.  Looked through Bryan’s movies and found ‘Open Season’ which is a kids cartoon movie and put ‘er in.  It was actually a good show.  Well, lights out and snoring time.  Sunday: Race dayJ  Got up, got some grub, it didn’t look like it was going to rain or snow, so finished goggles.  Then it was time to get our gas and pit stuff over to the pits.  The race was 3 and a half hours, so it was gonna be a long one.  After Rider’s meeting, we headed up to the start at 12:30.  Before you knew it all engines were quiet and waiting for banner to be raised and then the first glimpse of it raising and kick and Braaa, my Kawasaki jumped out and I came into the shoot and no one was around, yeeehaaaJ  I left ‘er pinned down the wash and was in the lead.  Since Havasu where I was fighting with my bike instead of being good friends with it, Earl Desiderio and myself have done quite a few changes to suspension and bike set up and the bike felt really good.  I was flowing and it was tracking and going.  The loop was 16 miles and pretty much a hootJ It had fun rolling hills with ridges and full on like grass tracks up and down the hills with offcamber edges and some tight washes.  The dirt was epic and not muddy, yet not dusty and the traction with my Bridgestones was unreal as I could just pull wheelies everywhere.  Near the end of the first loop I seen where it turned and set it up and braaa and made the turn, but something wasn’t right, where was the ribbon??  So I went further up and was like uh, I’m gonna head back and sure enough as I got back I could see it headed up this little wash and not on the trail that I was on and by the time I got back, Justin Soule had snuck in front and I was back into 2nd.  I pushed and caught Justin and passed him back into the lead just before the end of the second lapJ  I felt really strong and opened up a bit of a gap the 2nd loop and was flowing.  Right near the end of the loop, I lost my rear brake, ahh crapper.  I made my way in after a couple close calls on the ridges coming in and went into the pits.  We were at the hour mark and I had just figured I may have boiled the fluid, but in the pits it was another story.  My pads were toast.  Alright, I ran over to the trailer where I had some extra pads and went to switch them, but the pads on the bike would not come off.  I got a hammer and tire tools to try to compress the caliper and it was not having it.  I finally had to take the tire off and the pad had welded itself to the caliper piston and by the time I got it loose, the piston was out and brake fluid was all over, L.  So, what to do?? Is there any Kawasakis around that I can borrow a whole rear brake assembly?? There,  I found one and ripped the rear brake off another bike and then took mine off and replaced it and I was on my way some 15 minutes later and not first anymoreL  It was a 3 and a half hour race and we were only an hour into it, so I just pushed and passed people all day.  Finally, it was the 7th and last lap and I still felt real strong and pushed.  About a mile or so before the finish I could see another pro up ahead, I pushed and finally made a passJ then on the last ridge coming into the finish I saw another red plate and he looked tired so I pinned it and caught him.  He looked back and whiskey throttled it and roosted me and the finish was like right there and there  was no places to pass.  I put a wheel up close to him, but there is only one line and we are both going pretty dang fast.  Finally the last drop into the finish shoot I shot off to the right and pinned it and made the pass.  Yeehaa.  But, I was still down a long ways from the mishap.  I waited for results and finally had to leave and have made calls, but have not heard results yet, but I heard from people that I had worked my way In the top 10 maybe even up to 6th or 7th which was a big surprise. 

1st – Brian Garrahan

2nd – Justin Soule


Well, I am major bummed that I had another problem, but my bike is feeling better, so that is a big plus and no tipovers, so I am back home and getting ready for the next race.  A big thanks to Earl again for all his time and help and all my family and sponsors and friends and fans for all the great support.  Chat with ya next week.

Thanks again

Russell Pearson

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