PRODUCT: The ProTech guards are a full-wrap fork guard that replaces the lower OEM guards and protects the tubes from rock and roost dings and nicks. They offer 45 percent more coverage as they wrap around the rear (and mainly unprotected) side of the tube. They will extend the life of critical suspension components, including seals and chrome tubes. Most seal leaks occur from a rock or stone striking the lower fork tube caused by the front tire. With added protection, it will prevent these strikes. More protection will prevent scratches or gouges from crashing or tip-overs in rocky sections.

OUR TAKE: A few years back KTM had a very similar full-wrap guard on their WP fork. In today’s world, most of the guards really only protect the front of the lower tubes from oncoming roost. This leaves the back totally exposed, and this is where stones and debris kicked up from the front tire scars the chrome tubes, leaving nicks and gouges that chew up fork seals. The result? A leaky fork. N2Dirt is a suspension company and works with a myriad of forks, re-valving and setting them up for customers. When they started importing the ProTech guards, they saw a drop in customers sending in forks to get the seals replaced. The correlation is full wrap equals armor against the thrashing that your fork tubes undergo from front-tire roost abuse and fall overs in rocky zones that can tomahawk the exposed and delicate tubes. They are very durable, take seconds to install and flat work.
PRICE: $59.99

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