PRODUCT: The Privateer suspension tool is a three-in-one on-board suspension tool. It’s a convenient way to tune in suspension any time you need to. It features a radiator louver mount, and the removable adjustment tool has a socket for adjusting the shock compression damping, a flat-head screwdriver to adjust your shock rebound damping or bleed the air out of the fork.

OUR TAKE: This is a clever tool. We got one for a KTM/Husqvarna, and it mounts to your front radiator louver. Access requires unscrewing it, then using any of the three tools to deal with the adjustments you want to make. We’ve been running it for months, and its quite alarming just how many people need to borrow it on the trail. Why? It’s way easier to get to than digging in your fanny pack or hydro system for a screwdriver.
PRICE: $59.99

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