PRODUCT: The Acerbis 2.0 chainguide replaces the stock system and is built to withstand both the shock and wear from the chain, but also to terrain impacts. It’s made of PA6, which is a thermoplastic that is tough, has superb abrasion resistance, impact strength and rigidity. Ease of installation is helped by the two-part design, which allows you to install it without removing the chain.

OUR TAKE: Typical to Acerbis quality, we have had excellent results from the 2.0 chainguide we mounted to our KTM 300. It’s very tough, takes a major hit without bending or breaking, and mounts quite easy with the two-part design. You mount the main structure to the swingarm by sliding it over the chain and up into place. Then, slide in the lower guide and bolt it in. Superbly simple and rugged.

PRICE: $79.95

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