PRODUCT: P3 Carbon is a U.S. company that makes true carbon fiber products in West Virginia. The two-stroke pipe guard is a skin that protects the front and bottom of the pipe with five layers of carbon fiber and Kevlar. It has an interior heat-resistant layer with small ceramic spacers that keep a little distance between the head pipe and the guard. In the case of the Yamaha YZ250, the product is mounted with two large hose clamps.

POSITIVE: If you’ve been riding two-strokes off-road for any amount of time, you already know that a pipe guard is essential. Pipe dents are inevitable, they look bad, they can rob power and create heat. The fit and overall quality of the P3 Carbon YZ250 pipe guard are outstanding. It’s a legitimate carbon fiber product, not just fiberglass, and it’s rigid enough to offer true protection. When you place the guard on the YZ250 pipe, it’s clear that the guard is a precision fit. It’s made specifically for that one application, not an attempt at a universal fit. So far, the guard has proven durable, and even after months of use, it can look like new with a light coating of Maxima SC1 or a similar product. The P3 Carbon finish isn’t overly shiny like some carbon fiber products that have a glossy clear coat. Those get scratched and never look the same. P3 has a medium luster finish.

NEGATIVE: Two-stroke pipes have very different shapes, so remember that the YZ250 pipe is different from the YZ250X and the FMF YZ250. All have different guards. Also, keep in mind that this doesn’t render your pipe indestructible. A hard impact can distort the pipe without making a dent. This is actually a good thing. If the pipe didn’t offer some give, a big hit could damage the exhaust manifold.

THE BOTTOM LINE: If you don’t have a pipe guard on your off-road two-stroke, it’s just a matter of time before it gets dented or worse. The P3 Carbon pipe guard is a great insurance policy. Look at it this way: if you don’t have a guard, you’re almost guaranteed to crash on the pipe. If you have the guard, you might not crash at all.

PRICE: $169.95

CONTACT: www.p3carbon.com


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