PRODUCT: Engineered in Germany, the Xtrig preload adjuster is a mechanical replacement for the two rings used to make sag adjustments on your rear shock. The ingenious design uses a worm gear that travels the full length of the shock body to make minute preload adjustments using an 8mm T-handle wrench. Simply remove the stock adjuster rings from your shock and replace them with the Xtrig adjuster. This is the same preload adjuster utilized by most factory race teams.

Installing the Xtrig preload adjuster on a Husky 701 requires a full teardown of the rear end just to get to the damper. On the good side, you do not have to disassemble the WP shock to install the Xtrig device.

OUR TAKE: We installed the Xtrig preload adjuster on our Husqvarna 701 Adventure build. If there were ever a bike that needed a preload adjuster like this, it’s the Husqvarna 701 and/or KTM 690 Enduro R. The rear shock is buried by the rear subframe fuel tank, making adjustments a tedious process. Our Husqvarna 701 is used with and without luggage strapped to the rear of the chassis, depending on the type of ride we’re on. Setting the shock sag at the recommended 85–95mm has us loving the suspension and handling of our bike. Toss on the saddlebags, a duffel bag and a gallon of fuel to extend our range, and the rear of the bike squats like a chopper. The raked-out front forks create handling issues that even our GPR4 steering damper couldn’t resolve. Once the bike is fully loaded for an ADV ride, we simply reset the rider sag to compensate for the added load. Another plus is that the Xtrig adjuster doesn’t pack with dirt and jam like most preload rings do. The only negative we encountered had nothing to do with the Xtrig adjuster itself; it’s the access to the rear shock. To remove the shock on the 701 required the entire rear half of the bike to be unplugged (i.e., plastic, pannier racks, rear rack, subframe fuel tank, shock linkage). On a more conventional bike, this is a rather simple process. On the good side, the actual damper does not have to be disassembled in order to install the Xtrig adjuster. On the KTM and Husqvarna off-road and MX machines, this is necessary.

The Xtrig is hiding in there and is a very strong mod for a machine that is constantly upset by varying loads, like a passenger, saddle bags and other luggage

BOTTOM LINE: The Xtrig preload adjuster is a huge timesaver for any rider needing to make quick changes to the shock sag of their bike. On a big adventure machine that totes random load enhancements (luggage and passengers), it is a key modification.
PRICE: $144–$195

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