PRODUCT: SXS is well-known for its production of hardcore skid plates and linkage protection made from ¼-inch UHMW plastic. Its hand shields are tagged “Burly” and are made from the same ¼-inch plastic that SXS uses for skid  plates and slide plates that incorporate linkage guards. They have been available as replacements for the KTM/HQV guards, using their existing mounts. Now they have added a “Beefy” mounting kit that is made from thick, high-quality aluminum and is much stronger than the plastic mounts used on most hand shields. SXS claims this is the beefiest mounting kit on the market, and the shields are designed to withstand the gnarliest off-road abuse.

OUR TAKE: If you’re a hardcore off-road rider and don’t like the added weight or simply have a fear of wraparound handguards, these SXS guards are strong performers. They are built extremely tough—from the sturdy aluminum mounts to the Burly plastic shield. The shields are made out of ¼-inch UHMW plastic, meaning that you can clip a tree and they will not flex into your hands. This is super impressive. The size of the shield has more real estate than a standard KTM guard, using a cupped shape that covers more of the top and bottom of your hand. This prevents branches and bushes from getting in and injuring your hands. Installation was easy, and the mounts allow plenty of room to adjust the levers and switches to your liking. We’re huge fans of these guards. With excellent quality, good looks and top performance, these handguards are very well-built.

PRICE: $50, Burly shields; $95, Beefy mounting kit

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