PRODUCT: The Sidi Lug Enduro sole for the Crossfire SR is for the serious off-road rider or racer who wants traction for his feet when they’re not on footpegs. Sidi understands that the last thing a rider wants to do when stepping off the machine is to lose his grip on slippery terrain and fall. The soles weigh just a little more than regular soles and are available in four sizes: 41–42, 43–44, 45–46 and 47–48. They cost $40.
POSITIVE: For burly off-road riding where we had to get off and push or plant our feet on objects, we loved the lug sole. Because we wanted more direct contact between the sole and the footpeg without the lugs interfering, we took a razor and trimmed the lugs a little. We cut the lugs at a 45-degree angle so that when we landed a lug on the peg, it didn’t want to just hook and hold. We’ve been using it to race EnduroCross, ride off-road and have even worn the sole a little for motocross. Short guys will like the fact that the Lug Enduro sole adds an inch, which is helpful if touching the ground when you’re on the bike is an issue. It can be a bit of an odd feeling, however, if you step on the footpeg with a full lug section of the sole due to the height increase and how well the lugs grip the peg.
NEGATIVE: Resoling a set of Sidi Crossfire SRs isn’t a quick process. It took us about an hour and involved some sweat and tears, but when you compare it to sending in your boots to be resoled, an hour versus days is a better deal. When you install the lug soles, put a few screws in the front and a few in the back and work toward the middle. Trust us; the lug soles do add height to the boot, and some riders didn’t like the height or the lugs at the brake pedal. A few riders lowered the brake pedal when using the lug soles, while most just got used to it.
BOTTOM LINE: When the conditions are slippery, muddy or rocky, the lug sole offers better grip than any other sole we’ve tried. The tall, soft lugs grip on every surface when pushing a bike or hiking, and if you ride off-road, chances are you’ve had to push, pull or hike at some point. At only $40, the Lug Enduro soles are great for off-road guys, but not necessarily for motocrossers.

Durability: 8.5
Value: 9.5                 Performance: 9.5           
Overall: 9.5/10

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