PRODUCT: Scalvini is an Italian company that specializes in applying old-world craftsmanship to modern motorcycles. The result of that design philosophy is a line of hand-welded cone exhaust systems for two-strokes and four-strokes. The two-stroke pipes, like the one we tested on our YZ125, are particularly artful. Our pipe was constructed from 12 segmented cones and pieced together. This is the way prototype pipes from other companies are made before the tooling for a stamping is complete. The Scalvini YZ125 pipe has only one stamped section for the headpipe. The silencer is simpler and uses carbon-fiber end caps. The result is pure art.

POSITIVE: As you might expect, the Scalvini pipe on our YZ125 is a head-turner. It’s interesting how a perfectly ordinary Yamaha 125 can suddenly become the object of so much attention at the track. There’s also a slight performance boost. The YZ gains a little power in the mid and top without sacrificing bottom. On our bike, no re-jetting was necessary, and we didn’t have to run race gas.

NEGATIVE: It’s hard to justify the expense of the pipe purely on performance. You have to look at it as a cosmetic upgrade, too. And mounting the silencer was a little difficult. There’s a strap that you have to position yourself, and it doesn’t always want to cooperate.

BOTTOM LINE: The Scalvini pipe and silencer are actually priced surprisingly well considering the work that goes into their construction. If you have any pride in the appearance of your motorcycle, it’s money well-spent. Also, we’re used to four-stroke pipes that offer the same benefits and are priced as high as $1000. The Scalvini isn’t [that] hard to justify.

PRICE: Pipe: $289. Silencer: $209.



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