PRODUCT: Pro Circuit’s complete T6 stainless steel dual exhaust system for the Honda CRF450R and CRF450RX models is constructed of stainless steel throughout the head pipe, Y-collector, mid-pipe and end caps, while the canisters are made from aluminum. The T6 is designed for closed-course or off-road riders. Pro Circuit also designed the T-6 to meet AMA amateur racing sound requirements, and it comes equipped with United States Forest Service-approved spark arrestors, making it easy to alternate between off-road and closed-course racing.

POSITIVES: Power improvements are noticeable across the entire power curve without any major dips. The system goes on easily, and the fitment is spot-on. After a significant number of hours on the exhaust, we have had no issues, and the exhaust note definitely has a throatier sound to it. The removable spark-arrestor system is great for staying legal. Just don’t try to remove the spark arrestor while the system is hot. Trust us on that one.   

NEGATIVES: With the system featuring stainless steel aluminum construction, there is no real weight savings compared to stock. The price tag of $939 is steep, but it’s still one of the most cost-effective dual systems on the market today.

BOTTOM LINE: This exhaust delivers noticeable power gains immediately, has a removable spark arrestor to stay legal in off-road parks that require it, and meets sound regulations for AMA amateur racing; sounds like a win to us.

SIDE NOTE: Make sure you remove the spark-arrestor inserts when the system is completely cool. They are almost impossible to remove while hot. We recommend replacing the copper crush washer where the head pipe goes into the head.

Price: $939.76  Contact: 

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