PRODUCT: Graphic protectors manufactured by Polisport are made with translucent plastic and are designed to help protect decals from peeling back when they come in contact with a rider’s boots. Each kit comes with all the hardware needed for installation, and the protectors are molded to fit OEM-style plastics.
POSITIVES: The Polisport graphic protectors do exactly what they claim to do. They eliminate the peeling back of graphics at the point where the rider squeezes the bike. We have test riders who make graphics peel almost immediately, and the Polisport guards fixed this problem. The option to purchase a gripper kit for just $10 more is nice. With all bolting hardware included, installation is easy.
NEGATIVES: Made with clear plastic, the protectors do tend to show scratches relatively easily, but that is to be expected. Some aftermarket plastics might require minor trimming for fitment, because these guards are made to fit OEM plastic molds.

BOTTOM LINE: This is one of those times when we test a product and ask ourselves, “Why didn’t we think of that?” Graphic protectors are a great small investment to protect those brand-new custom graphics you just spent a small fortune on. If you are one of the many people who destroy graphics where you grip the bike, these Polisport protectors are a must-have item for you. They can even be purchased with a gripper material kit for an extra $10.
PRICE: $24.95; $34.87 with gripper kit

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