PRODUCT: Moose Racing foam handguards are ideal for those chilly winter rides. The outer shell is made from a heavy-duty, 500-denier nylon with ½-inch, closed-cell foam to keep the cold away from your hands. The universal cinch strap simply wraps around your handlebars, making it quick and easy to install or remove the guards from your motorcycle. Twin grommets on the outside of each guard allow you to attach cable ties around the outside edge of the full-wrap handguards.

OUR TAKE: We like to ride year round and don’t want extreme cold to cut our rides short. Adding a set of Moose Racing foam handguards is an easy way to add a little foul-weather protection for our hands. The closed-cell foam helps the guards retain their shape without folding down and causing problems working the levers. The hook-and-loop strap kept the guards securely in place on our rides without adding cable ties to the outer handguard. Having full-wrap handguards or flag-style deflectors is recommended, as the nylon/foam body doesn’t offer enough protection for that inevitable tree-branch slap across the fingers. We’ve used these guards with both flag-style and full-wrap handguards with great results. Just remember that these are not a replacement for rigid handguards, as the foam doesn’t provide enough protection for those immovable trail obstacles. For a little extra protection from the elements—wind, rain, cold—we highly recommend the Moose Racing foam handguards. They are an inexpensive addition to any riders’ winter gear collection, and we never leave home without a set in our gear bag.
PRICE: $33.95

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