PRODUCT: Mitas, a tire brand with a long European history, became part of the Trelleborg group in 2016. Mitas has plants in Europe and the U.S. and offers a large group of motorcycle-related tires. On the off-road side, we have been testing the XT-454 Super Soft, which is part of the Extreme Enduro tire group that includes five different tires with focused tread patterns. The XT-454 Super Soft is a motocross-based tread pattern using Mitas’ Double Green extra-soft compound. With a larger block design, the XT-454 targets rocky terrain with a hard base.

OUR TAKE: The Mitas XT-454 comes in one size—110/100-18—and was tested on several 300 two-strokes. The tire has the look of an MX knobby, but has more pliable knobs and a softer carcass for more flex. With a fairly tight knob pattern, the Mitas worked well on our hard-packed desert trails, embracing rocky terrain with a positive bite and clawing and grabbing in the slicker off-camber zones. While the knobs are definitely flexible, they are not as radical as some we have tested, so the tire offered a little less trials-like grab, but in return held up to abuse far better than the really gummy rear tires. Also, the tire performed nicely on loose terrain, sandy hills and deeper washes. Overall, the Mitas was durable for a gummy-based category and good for extreme bite. Versatility is important for most riders who don’t want to be changing tires every week, and the Mitas XT-454 Super Soft gets a thumbs up for riding the fence. It held up well and has good bite with decent flexibility in the knobs for technical terrain traction. One caveat: these tires are not cheap at $139.95. If you hunt around, however, you can find some deals online.
PRICE: $139.95

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