PRODUCT: The Mitas Terra Force-EF Super is an enduro tire that is FIM compliant and developed in partnership with many of the top extreme enduro riders. The knob arrangement and geometry are designed to deliver outstanding grip and traction. With a dual-rubber compound, it ensures traction on a wide range of surfaces—from soft to rocky. It resists tearing and cutting while also aiding in challenging situations during the race.

OUR TAKE: We tested the Mitas Terra Force-EF Super in a 90/90-21 front tire in our loose and super-dry Southern California conditions. The compound of the tire isn’t ultra-gummy, but it is softer than an intermediate-compound tire. With this compound, the tire performed well in rocky terrain. It was compliant in a wide range of conditions and would maintain traction on rocks, both small and large. The tread pattern is quite aggressive and has a large contact patch, offering strong cornering and braking traction. It was a bit uneasy on hard-packed terrain but worked very well in the deeper dirt and sand. The sidewall is a bit stiffer than the actual knob compound, so the tire never feels like it wants to fold over on you while cornering. The wear factor was normal, and the performance was geared towards Intermediate terrain with average manners on hard pack. Overall, this is a strong front tire and well-balanced for the off-roader. It also comes in a 90/100-21 size.


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