PRODUCT: The Metzeler 6 Days Extreme tire is a competition-based tire designed for enduro racing and developed by factory riders for extreme challenges. The specific knob distribution and the shape of the knobs, along with a sharp edge, provide the best possible traction in the racing field. The rear features a smooth contour design with more knobs under the footprint area to ensure both traction and wear resistance. The highlights of the tire are extreme traction, self-cleaning, precision in straights and braking, corner stability, and lateral support.

OUR TAKE: This tire is Metzler’s “hard” version and came as standard equipment on our Beta 250RR Race Edition. It’s a firm compound, and the knobs are low profile. It’s not the greatest in the sand but thrives on hard-packed terrain. The second 6 Days Extreme tire we tested was in a 140/80-18 size and was the medium compound, so the contact patch of the tire was quite good since it had a much larger carcass. It worked well in the rocks with lower pressure. With the wider contact patch, it provided good coverage to grab and pull you over trail litter. Braking traction and cornering were also very good, but, again, not so much in deep sand. There was no chunking or loss of knobs at all, which was a highlight. Overall, considering the lack of wear and universal capability of the tire, we would certainly run another one in the future. Metzler offers the 6 Days Extreme in a soft and super-soft compound for when traction in technical terrain is key.


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