Product Test: Leg Pegs

Product Test: Leg Pegs

The Leg Pegs bolt on easily and provide an ergonomic platform for your calves to rest against.

Just when you think that you’ve seen it all a new product comes to the dirt bike market that doesn’t target power, suspension or appearance. It’s sole goal is to enhance the rider’s ability to ‘get into the proper stance’ and use less energy. Enter Leg Pegs, a truly unique product that bolts onto your machine in seconds and actually gives your lower leg a platform to rest against when you’re in a standing, out of the saddle stance. Your calves actually rest against the Leg Pegs, keeping you from sliding back off the machine. In rough terrain, whoops and fast conditions where you try to squeeze the life out of the grips, you can actually relax your upper body.

As you stand up in rough terrain, you grip the machine from the feet up, and your legs clasp onto the Leg Pegs

    Steve Hengeveld, Kawasaki’s newest addition to their Precision Concepts Baja team is a huge believer. Steve says that the Leg Pegs allow him ride faster, more in control and use less effort in long demanding terrain.

Steve Hengeveld is a big believer in Leg Pegs ability to go harder and longer, using less energy and upper body strength.

Bob Bell, Robby and Steve discuss the new Kawa 1x bike during initial testing.

We’ve tested them, they’re easily adjustable for rider sizes and true to their mission statement, we found that they really work. There is some acclimatization, but once you spend some time with them, you start to rely on their erogonomic design and they allow for a smooth transition into the attack mode, letting you focus on the terrain. In long whoop sections, severe downhills and hacky straights where you stand for long periods of time the Leg Pegs make a difference.

Your legs lock in on high speed nasty obstacles quite naturally. They rest against the Leg Pegs which hold you in the proper stance.

On a motocross track with nasty  consecutive hits they allow you to move immediately into the ‘attack stance’, positioned in a centered, and not too far back mode. This actually relaxes your upper body and you don’t grip it as hard, or with as much energy. They really shine off-road, and with time they work into a ‘necessary and familiar ergonomic feel’ making for quicker rider transitions, we actually use less effort holding on and on long-brutal sections our speed seems to have gotten better.

As your weight shifts back, your calves search for purchase and the rest against the Leg Pegs. They keep you from sliding too far back on the machine.

Some guys (MXers mainly) had some issues when their feet fly on jumps (leave the pegs) and they would feel the Leg Pegs when their foot searched for the peg. They may look a little bizarre, but the CNC machined Leg Pegs are innovative, unique and a cost effective way to improve your off-road riding skills.
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