PRODUCT: Weighing just 1250 grams, it’s lighter than the human brain and a lot lighter than the average dirt helmet. The heart of the Kali Prana helmet is the Composite Fusion Plus technology. After years in development, this construction incorporates pyramids of different Contego foam densities to provide the softest materials next to your head. With a carbon shell providing the skeleton, the Composite Fusion Plus technology delivers not only one of the lightest possible helmets, but also one of the most protective.
POSITIVE: The weight of the Kali helmet is incredible; it feels more like an MTB helmet than a moto unit. Ours weighed 2.8 pounds, and for demanding and lengthy off-road endeavors, a half-pound difference on your neck is huge! The fit is excellent, and the eye port is sized right. It has decent airflow, a washable and removable liner, and it meets or exceeds AMA, FIM, CCS and WERA racing standards. Safety certifications include ECE22.05 and DOT (FMVSS 218).
NEGATIVE: The helmet runs a little big, so we suggest a fit check. The nose guard is made from a very stiff compound and needs to be softer and more flexible.
BOTTOM LINE: This helmet is almost scary light. The technology behind the liner is a big plus. Thankfully, we have yet to head-test the impact value of the Kali lid, though we have hundreds of hours on the track and trail wearing it. The performance gain in saved effort is most definitely measurable. We feel stronger and less used up after a long ride! The Prana sells for around $250 on many websites. For more infor, go to

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