PRODUCT: The Zip-Ty Racing GT 216 AA Golden “fat tire” is an F.I.M.-approved, DOT-legal front racing tire. It was designed and developed for enduro racing and has also proved to be excellent for motocross use on all terrains. It has a special V-shaped tread pattern that offers strong cornering precision. Its lightweight, flexible carcass with reinforced shoulder knobs guarantees a large contact surface and good shock absorption against minor impacts on uneven terrain. With the larger 90/100-21 size, this front tire has a larger-than-standard rolling diameter and larger cross-section width (6mm).
POSITIVE: Getting the right front tire for the California off-roader is a love/hate ordeal. When you find the right rubber to hook up in sand, it’s usually a handful in the hardpack and rocks. When Ty shipped up this front tire, it was mainly his enthusiasm that got us to mount one up. While the tire “looks” like any other knobby tire, it is actually much bigger when compared side by side. In our off-road ecosystem is the Golden tire, which is very grippy in rocks (much like a trials tire) and steers in the sand far better than our normal front-rubber choices. And for the dual-sporter, it may rate as one of the best front tires ever since it is DOT legal.
NEGATIVE: Couldn’t dig up a negative thought.
BOTTOM LINE: Ty told us that this is a must-have weapon in your off-road arsenal. We agree. In the off-road world of the California pilot and those who share the highway, this is a superb product. It sells for $119.99

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